Men Can’t Be On The Internet Without Making Lewd Comments

Men can’t be on the internet without making lewd comments


Well ain’t that the truth. I’ve had half a glass of champagne… which is enough to make this completely unfiltered. (Yes I’m pregnant, half a glass won’t harm me or baby, I have the green light from my doctor).




I’ve been waiting for this to pour through me. Ever since Sarah Everard’s murder took social media by storm, and women began to speak up YET AGAIN about their experiences on the receiving end of disrespectful and dangerous men.


The day she was murdered, before it even hit the news channels, I was live streaming on Instagram, all on the topic of Commanding Your Queendom, and had to fight through the constant lurid and insolent comments from men to keep my focus and deliver my Soul-led training to the dozens of women who were there for every single word of truth.


It’s not the first time I’ve experienced this. Every single time I go live on IG I brace myself for the “lets see your tits” comments, and the “what the fuck is she talking about, stupid bitch” comments from those men who have actual allergic reactions to seeing a woman in her fully expressed and unfiltered truth and power.


The thing that keeps me going… the women who send the love hearts, the resounding “hell yes queen” comments, the cheers I can’t hear, and the impact I know I’m making, despite the sickening display of sexism and gender polarity.


Of course lurid comments on social media don’t even compare to the hell women live through (and don’t live through) on a daily basis. I spoke quite openly about my domestic abuse quite recently. You can read on Instagram here.


However, all of these events, large or small, disrespectful or dangerous, unite women all over the globe to share something we have in common. It shouldn’t be the abuse of men that unites us, but it quite often is.


Bringing women together is something I’m fiercely passionate about. 


I was recently invited to be a guest speaker at the Empowered Woman Conference which you can read all about here. 


Created by one of my Money Consciousness alumni, Mariee Walsh, I’ll also be joined by some amazing powerhouse women, including one of my 1:1 clients and one of my SourceMind mastermind clients. These are all women I can personally vouch for as GAME CHANGERS having worked with all of them for years. 


I think the one thing I see and experience more than men disrespecting and endangering women, is other women disrespecting and endangering their fellow women. 


I’ve been on the receiving end of this recently. Not something I’m ready to talk about YET, but I was indirectly accused of not supporting other women, and actively wanting to tear other women down. It couldn’t be further from the truth. 


Women need women more than ever. Women need to support each other more than ever. Women need the wisdom that is channeled and birthed through other women.


The women you’ll see on the Empowered Woman Conference… they are all the type of woman who will fight FOR you and WITH you, never against you.


As the world continues to restrict our in-person connections, and refuses to do anything about our safety on the streets, we need more than ever opportunities for relationships, bonds & connections that can be facilitated in the on-line space. 


You don’t know who you might hear, WHAT you might hear, or what may bloom from your participation in a free event like this one, but it’s worth finding out, don’t you think?


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(I am not being paid for this FYI, I’m doing it because my Soul is called to)


And if you’re really looking to take those relationships to the next level, and immerse yourself in a container of women who are all striving and thriving to change the world, by lifting each other up, learning together, and smashing through the ceilings that threaten to hold us back, make sure you check out my new business mastermind, SourceMind, and book in a call to chat to me about whether it’s a good fit for you. 


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My love always




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