Mastery hacks for launching ?

I wanted to share with you guys some reflections on our most recent launch at Ask H.

For those of you who were part of it and jumped in… welcome to the family!

For those of you who watched and weren’t quite ready… don’t worry… we’re opening the doors for an official enrolment period later this month. 

But for EVERYONE who is in the online space and knows the love and pain of launching, I thought I’d share some of my launch hacks with you. 

Let me start by saying, this particular launch was one of my WORST launches ever, financially speaking. 

But energetically speaking, it was by far the BEST. 

The launch came about as most launches do… for the love of the thing we’re selling. The thing we’re fully committed to gifting the world with. The extension of our Soul which lights us up and fulfils our Soul Purpose. Your Soul Purpose fulfilment is for you FYI, not other people, and herein lies one of my many launch tips, but we’ll come back to that!

Initially I had no financial goal in mind. None at all. I just wanted to serve the world. I was in full Soul-Led excitement for the newly rebranded and remastered School of Mastery. But this launch was never meant to be about the clients, it was always meant to be about my personal self-discovery(apparently in preparation for the actual launch which is coming later this month).

So, true to form, Source delivered a mirror in the form of my coach who said to me “you can easily make this a 300k launch, and the LAST 300k launch you do H, because you’re only going upwards from here. 500k launches are your new minimum after this one”.

Which sent me all sorts of spiralling haha, of course it did! Leave my 300k launch comfort zone behind… whaaaaattt?! My ego went nuts ?

Despite it being a terrible financial launch (my version of “terrible” is someone else’s “amazing” by the way so to avoid comparisonitis and triggers, I won’t share figures), I maintained my mastery launch hacks throughout:

  • If it’s not meant to be about the money, it’ll be about something better (yes there are better launch outcomes than just financial goals)
  • Miracles happen in the last 24 hours, 12 hours, 6 hours, and even final half hour!
  • If by time doors close, it’s not what you expected, the purpose will reveal itself very quickly
  • I am always abundantly supported no matter what my launches do
  • All my bills are paid, all my needs are met, all my desires are fulfilled
  • One less than desirable launch dictates nothing about future launches, or self-worthiness, desirability, or whether “you’re doing it right”
  • Multiple less than desirable launches also means NOTHING
  • The stories we tell ourselves during launch mode are the stories that are ready to be healed, alchemised and released
  • Launches make the best mirrors!

So…. I maintained my high vibe, my trust, my deep knowing, and faith in the process… and boy did those mirrors reveal themselves fast!!

First lesson:

Less than 24 hours after doors closed I found myself in tech hell! We’ve been talking about switching tech providers for a while now and this was a glaring great big mountain mirror in front of me.

The message: If you want to scale to bigger launches lady… sort your god damn tech! Source never does things by half measures so within minutes of taking action on this instruction being mirrored at me, I had the CEO of Ontraport personally messaging me (but that’s a story for another time)!!

Safe to say tech is being sorted and in the best possible hands. Result!

Second lesson:

I was undercharging. Massively underselling myself. And again this has been a recurring theme for several years now. On a 1:1 basis, yes I am one of the more expensive coaches in the industry, but that’s because I really am shit hot. I do however have a terrible tendency to package up everything including the kitchen sink to make the value of my programmes insanely high, and truthfully it’s not sustainable and it attracts the wrong sort of clients. 

The message: If you really want to go to the next level, you need to stop undercharging &, over-delivering, and model a more authentic, aligned, and Soul-claimed powerful position for those who learn from you. Show them what’s possible, and start by showing yourself first. Let go of the people-pleasing efforts. You wind up pleasing no one.

Third lesson:

Boundaries & Support. I decided to launch from a place where I didn’t have all the support I needed. At the beginning of January I found myself running three companies with a skeleton staff. Which sounds awful. So to make it cute, I called us the Power Puff girls, but come last week, myself and the girls were all out of Power and Puff. We were finished. But Mia and Ella (if you’ve ever had the privilege of working with them) are POWERHOUSES, and so the three of us pulled off the impossible and made it happen. We worked stupid hours, which is NOT the Ask H vibe. Normally we maintain an ethos of “if it requires hustle we ain’t doing it!”. 

My boundaries completely and utterly collapsed. I was working long hours, doing jobs I wouldn’t normally do, and not prioritising my physical health, emotional health, social health, spiritual health, or the health of the baby I’m carrying. What typically happens when we invalidate our own boundaries… we invite others to do the same. And so I found myself being bombarded by client requests, conversations, confusions, and with all that my clarity disappeared which leads me the final lesson.

The message: You only grow with strong boundaries and abundant support. Without the foundations, you fold. 

Final lesson:

I forgot WHY I was launching (because I bloody love the School of Mastery)and started to make it all about the money and the numbers. I was so far IN the launch, doing all the things (the tech, the socials, the copy, the customer support etc), that I lost sight of the bigger picture. I became obsessed with what Gemma said about my final 300k launch and I was nowhere close to achieving that. It became about the numbers. Entrepreneurs who achieve multiple 6-figure launches are NEVER “in” the launch. They hold the vision, the space, the energy, and they allow themselves to be fully supported by a team of people who can make the mechanics flawless. 

The message: Get your house in order so you can fully hold the vision before you attempt to move to your next level.

So there you have it my loves, even super successful business coaches need epic lessons to move to the next level. Do not be fooled… the learning never stops. The mirrors and triggers are constant. You just get quicker at seeing them for what they are and acting on them instead of letting them spiral you into frustration and unworthiness. And typically those lessons, and mirrors, are the same lessons you’re always trying to learn, just revealing different layers and different levels within you. 

Also… it may interest you to know… it took me 14 months of trying and failing to have my first “successful launch month”. 14 months from when I started to when I hit my first 5k month. I was massively half-assing the coaching thing because I was so unsure of myself, I had huge worthiness and visibility issues, and I also refused point blank to invest in a coach because I never saw myself doing it long term (hahaha oh how I laugh now!!). Of course once I hired a coach I went from 20k in that first year of earning to 240k the following year. Dragged my ass for a solid 14 months though, and failed more times than I care to remember. 

What I will say is that I never gave up. Despite the tears, the frustrations, the stories that I’d never be any good at launching, something in me kept me moving forward, committing to try one more time (I think I told myself to try again a dozen times… probably after every pitiful month).

Wherever you are on your path to Soul fulfilment, I’ll leave you with this:

Do it for you. Do it because whatever you’re launching gets you giddy. Do it because your methods have changed YOUR life, not because you think it might change someone else’s. Do it because you’re called to do it, because you’re led to do it, because even on days when you don’t want to do it, you end up doing it anyway. Do it because it’s tattooed on your heart, imprinted on your mind, and enmeshed with your Soul. Do it because it’s YOUR story, and therefore yours to share. 

My love always