Manifesting Hack (this one is super quick but super powerful… and dead easy)


Good morning tribe!

And a very Happy Bank Holiday Monday from London!

If it’s not a holiday where you are, let’s make it one ??

Our new moon in Taurus got us off to a glorious manifesting start over the weekend, did you feel it? But now she’s shifted into Gemini, the power of community is what is really going to kick start your manifesting magic for the current cycle.

^^^ this is what you really need to know when it comes to manifesting… what the fuck the energy of our Universe is up to! It’s the best hack ever!

Need a manifesting high vibe boost to bring your goals into reality over the next 28 days?

Head over to my free Facebook group and drop a comment with your wishes and intentions and let’s use a little Priestess magic to make it come true!

Harnessing the power of community under a Gemini waxing moon is allll you need to know! Said it was easy didn’t I?

Wishing you a fab week, and an EPIC month of manifesting magic.

Speak it into reality 

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May 7, 2019