Manifesting according to Ask H

Let’s talk manifesting…

Firstly what is it… according to Ask Harriette…. ?

It’s the art, magic, and science of CO-CREATING your desires WITH the Universe.

It is not… vision boarding and mantra-ing whilst waiting for money to fall out of the sky.

Nor is it creating space in your wardrobe for your future husband whilst never leaving the house.

It’s not high vibe and positivity. Nor is it forced or difficult in any way.

The EFFORT that is required for manifestations to come to fruition is the re-wiring and re-educating work that must be done, followed by implementable strategy which is in alignment with our newly re-wired and re-educated design.

Manifesting is not just “receiving”. It requires plenty of giving too. And in the first instance that giving has to be giving towards your self, specifically your self re-education.

There are four main pillars from which I love to teach, and this combination (for me) has been life changing…

Science – specifically the 10 energy body work I do which speaks on our energetic quantum field and the creation of tangible practices to manifest using them

Spiritually – specifically the 11 Universal Laws & Numerology which provide a whole new language of communication with the Universe

Self – specifically self-leadership and the growth & evolution to become the woman WHO is capable of leading herself into co-creational practices repeatedly so she can manifest her hearts desires, and also capable of leading herself through challenges with grace & faith

Strategy – quite non-specifically speaking to the 16 years of business experience I have in creating several multiple-6 and 7 figure companies in a HUGE variety of industries including education, art, performing arts, fitness, consulting, digital marketing, coaching, merchandise, management, property & investing.

The Manifesting Membership is my “all in” container for an entire year!

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It’s been amazing!! And long may it continue in it the newly evolved and created MANIFESTING MEMBERSHIP!

This is you, me, and a small army of women who will refuse to give up on ourselves, or on one another, or on the dreams that call us.

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If you’re new-ish to manifesting but have yet to experience the DEPTH to which the Ask Harriette teachings can take you, what I like to call “hardcore manifesting” then this is for you.

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The Manifesting Membership!

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My love always