Mama. You’re A Queen.

Wrote this for you last night…

Tonight I stood in the mirror and sighed as I looked at my body. This morning marked the 19 week count down to our wedding day. This morning the first of 38 pre-wedding Pilates sessions was completed. This morning I felt strong and ready to reclaim my body as my own.

But tonight I’m tired. Tonight I almost grew weary as I looked at my gravity worn body. A body that has grown, birthed and nourished two complete (and adorable) human beings.

Tonight I almost looked at myself through the lens of critique and disappointment.

And then I heard the voice …. “Mama. You’re a Queen”. 

I looked again, and this time I saw something different.

I saw this belly that softened and surrendered to provide a home for my children. Twice.

Mama. You’re a QUEEN.

I saw these breasts that grew then fell to provide food and nourishment for my children. Twice.

Mama. You’re a QUEEN.

I saw these eyes that grew tired and wrinkled to witness the never ending miracle that is you, my children. Both of you.

Mama. You’re a QUEEN.

I saw myself as mama, as a Queen.

Mama Queen isn’t a masterclass on body confidence, post-partum weight loss, or even parenting. I’m not sure I’m well positioned to teach any of those things. Plus there’s plenty of places to go to learn those things if that’s your vibe.

Mama Queen is a masterclass in identity evolution, duality perception, sovereign reclamation, sacred service, divine sacrifice, time & age, the power of self-resource, the abundance that is YOU, and so much more. 

Mama Queen isn’t a classroom you’ll have sat in before, in the same way creation & labour wasn’t something you’d experienced, until you experienced it.

Mama Queen is a different kind of experience. An experience that takes your experience, and from it births the paradigm that holds your children and all that comes from you, today, tomorrow, and every day until your creative outpourings for this world are complete.

Mama Queen is for the baby mama, the single mama, the mama-to-be, the mama of businesses, the mamas of books, the mamas of all creations.

Today I wanted to share with you something I know many of you see and feel post-partum, especially after multiple babies, but over the coming days I’ll be showing you Mama Queen energy in all aspects, in order to speak to the aspects of you that wish to step up your own Mama Queening.

Don’t hesitate to get in this classroom Mama. Together we’re stronger. Together we labour something transcendental. It takes a village, remember?

This is the space where your battle wounds are revered, your battle cries make melodies, your battle stories spin gold, and you reclaim yet again, the kingdom that is yours to reign over.

Duality perception will change the way you rule as a Mama Queen. Are you in?

>>> Mama Queen-ing begins on January 25th <<<

My love always


p.s. Mama Queen is complimentary for my Priestess Paradigm Ladies. Priestess Paradigm is my 2022 Mastermind for the woman ready to say “fuck it, I’m doing this my way from here on out”, for the woman ready to birth the impossible dream, the mind-bending reality, the “how the hell did she do that” life. For women called to walk the Priestess path and develop their magical gifts under my guidance, whilst simultaneously building & birthing an entirely new paradigm (whether through a business or other means).

>>> Learn more about Paradigm, we begin at the end of this month <<<

p.p.s. Paradigm seems to be magnetising Mama Queens! No surprise there!