M.O.R.E is HERE!


Happy Fri-yay

Magnify. Our. Radiant. Energy is the ULTIMATE energy programme to truly embody conscious abundance and effortlessly create more of all you desire. This is your official initiation into the “I get everything I want club” 

5 months, 1 High Priestess of Light, the genius of the Ask Harriette team and an enlightening hybrid of teaching, coaching, masterminding and healing as you journey through each of the 10 energy bodies, transforming into an “impossible to resist” conduit for money, love, clients, business, opportunity, time, family, freedom… whatever your soul desires!

❌ Say goodbye to hustle culture

❌ Say goodbye to handing your power over to the naysayers

❌ Forget the latest mindset hacking trend (it’s not about mindset anymore, it’s about energy)

❌ Stop rinsing and repeating tools, strategies and stories that are doing absolutely nothing for you except draining your self belief, your self worth and your passion.

Say YES to M.O.R.E…

?More waking up energised, refreshed and excited to take on the day exactly as you’ve designed it

?More *pings* from your phone as the money rolls in by the minute

? More clarity, focus and connection as your relationship to Source & the Universe explodes into irrevocable faith

? More satisfaction and passion as your romantic relationships take on a whole new personality of their own

? More fire and zest for life as your health receives the ultimate upgrade (ill health can not exist in a body that has its energy right!)

? More joy and gratitude as you deliver your true gifts to the world in service, receiving massive abundance in return, as is your birthright.

There is nothing else like this out there in the world right now, this isn’t just a course, this isn’t just a mastermind, this isn’t just a 5 month journey… it’s M.O.R.E. 

This is the beginning of a new life. Once you’re in, there’s no turning back.

Get in here: https://more.askharriette.co.uk/

This is a big investment, and I fully expect you to ask questions!

If you’d like to chat to us about the programme, please feel free to book in a free call with us here.

My love always


p.s. to the 11 of you already enrolled in the first day… yay YOU! So god damn proud of you for the fast soul-led action ?


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October 2, 2020