Little known ways to harness the power of Beltane (seriously sexy practice)


Happy Beltane! And to all my Celtic brothers and sisters, I celebrate you!

Beltane is the midway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice and is a potent portal of manifestation as the Earth energies are at their strongest and most active.

Traditionally celebrated as the union between Mother Earth and Father Sky, Beltane is an old Celtic festival about sensuality, sexuality, passion, vitality and joy. It’s the perfect time in the year to have some fun, get creative, and conceive! If you’re not in the market for making a baby then I strongly recommend you birth a different kind of baby… a business baby to bring you abundance (for at least the next 23 years… I hear kids these days don’t just do the standard 18 years… parents get bonus years now ?)!

For those of you who know my 11 Universal Laws, you will know that the Law of Co-Creation requires activation of the manifesting matrix using the holy trinity of energy centres which exists within your body, birthing down into your Sacral chakra and into the Earth to spark life within the Light Grid.

If you’re familiar with this practice then please do whatever it takes to make space to get some sexy manifestation time on with the Universe.

Mama Earth is ripe for some serious conception action. She wants to co-create. She has arrived at the fullness of her growth and fertility and is ready to birth something magical with you.

In the words of Marvin Gaye, Let’s Get It On (I’m actually providing you with a direct link to YouTube so you have the perfect playlist for your Beltane manifesting ritual!).

Beltane is also known as the Fire Festival, and a popular time for Handfasting (an ancient marriage ritual), and Maying (having sex with anyone you like basically).

I’ve heard Orgasms are the latest trendy manifestation tool but that’s not my niche area so I’ll stick to what I know! Which is Priestess shit.

Here are some little known ways to harness the power of Beltane to manifest whatever the hell you like:

  • ?Set yourself a 9 month time frame. What would you like to call in within the next 9 months? What is realistic and what feels completely impossible? Go for as close to impossible as you can get before it makes you feel defeated. We want to go big, but not so big your ego can’t get behind it. Ask yourself what would require a lot of energetic investment to make it manifest? And how much energy are you willing to invest in this over the next 9 months?
  • ?Then, play the Marvin Gaye track linked above (or your sexy playlist of choice), and sink into the feelings of this manifestation unfolding in your minds eye. Write down all the feelings as if it’s already happened giving thanks and gratitude to the Gods & Goddesses of Beltane for helping you birth this creation into the world. (If you can use Green, Red and/or Silver pen to write)
  • ?Use the holy trinity of energy centres within you to activate the manifesting matrix and ‘birth’ your intention and desire into the Light Grid. If you don’t have my Universal Laws class then just imagine your manifestation in your minds eye, and imagine it being projected out into the Universe where the Universe receives it with open arms.
  • ?Finally, we have choices for sending your intention, gratitude, and energy into the Light Grid:
  1. Burn the paper and bury it in the Earth
  2. Place a silver coin (good for Abundance wishes) on the paper, and tie it all up together with a string or ribbon (reg, green & silver are good colours), and bury it in the Earth
  3. Place the paper in a wish box with elements that represent Earth & Fire such as yellow crystals (Citrine is a good one for abundance), soil, rose petals, sunflower seeds etc, and place where the wish box can receive sunlight.
  4. Combo of the above as feels good to you

Whichever ritual you choose, make sure to recite the words:

“True desire that lies within me, reach the Earth so manifestly.

Hear me Mother as I call to you, to activate my wishes true.

For the greatest & highest good of all, so mote it be, for one and all.”

Harriette Hale, High Priestess of Light, 2019 Call to Beltane (c)

As with all pregnancies, you might want to mark a calendar and celebrate the countdown to your manifestation. This will just ensure the energy stays potent, strong, and healthy! Pretty much what we all want for our babies right? Human ones, fur ones, and business ones!

Can’t wait to hear from you on February 1st 2020 with news of your Beltane babies!

My love always


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May 3, 2019