Life Changing Question


There’s a question I love to ask my 1-1 clients. It comes out when they’re particularly stuck in self doubt. When they’re not in their power, not believing in themselves and not holding faith.

When I trained as a coach, one of the very first nuggets of wisdom imparted to me was simple; “It is your job to hold your clients in their power at all times, when they can’t see, feel or believe in their own power, it’s on you to remind them”. 

No prizes for guessing who that lesson came from… I was trained by the best of the best ?

Over the years, I’ve found this question does just that. It creates huge movement, huge realisations and lifts people’s energy so fast the breakthroughs can cause both of us to suffer a bit of whiplash.

So I’m going to ask you this question today, because the first class for M.O.R.E is happening this afternoon, and if you desperately want to be in it but aren’t yet, you need reminding of your power…

“If you ARE the Universe, what might be possible for you today?” 

If you’re in Ask H land you understand the Universe to some degree. You understand manifestation to some degree. You get that it’s all connected. Your trust in the Universe is probably pretty damn high – whether you like what its giving you or you’re in the “what the heck is up with the planets today” camp, you trust and accept that it’s a limitless being that has the power to create ANYTHING.

Next question… why are you separating yourself from that? You’re made up of the exact same stuff as the Universe. You’re just energy. Always expanding, always shifting, always transforming. The Universe isn’t an external tool for manifestation with a right and wrong way to use it, YOU ARE IT. 

You are the Universe and the Universe is you. So if you’re committed to giving way your power and refusing to honour your desires, expect that to expand.

If you’re committed to the fear of investing, expect that to expand. Expect more golden opportunities to present themselves and expect to bat them away over and over again under the guise of “can’t afford that”.

But I don’t think you want that do you? 

I think you desperately want to get over your fear and join us to create M.O.R.E.

I think you’re sick of making yourself small and letting your conditioning call the shots.

I think you’re bored to tears of the same old story running over and over again as you enter another groundhog day of “just enough”.

So I ask you. If you ARE the Universe, what’s possible for you today?

I’d like to share another tidbit with you before I go, this time direct from the heart of one of my 1-1 clients who I recently finished up working with…

“I am so certain of myself, my path, and my mission here on this earth. That alone has paid for this investment 1 million times over.”

THAT’S the kind of energy shift we’re talking about here.

The kind where the way you feel, inside and out, is so so much M.O.R.E than you ever thought it could be.

The faith and confidence you have in YOU is so palpable, so tangible that you’ve created a million % return on investment in RADIANCE.

This decision needs to come from that version of you. She exists. She’s calling out to you. She’s banging her head against a wall waiting for you to get out of your fear and ask for her help.

Let her help you, she’s done it, ask her how.

<< And then join us for M.O.R.E here >> 

All my love,



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October 13, 2020