Life Before M.O.R.E


I was once where you are. Questioning my power, giving away what little of it I recognised and wondering if I’d be ever able to make what I REALLY wanted happen.


I was once heavily ruled by my conditioning, afraid to acknowledge my Soul desires for fear of being labelled selfish.


People like to let themselves off the hook by saying “it’s alright for her, she’s already got it all”, but it wasn’t always this way, and I still want M.O.R.E, because that’s the human design.


A bit of back story…


Yes, I’m a self-made millionaire, financially-free, time-free, living a life completely of my own design, married to the love of my life, enjoying ridiculous amounts of sex, and a first class 5* life with my husband, and our 2 year old daughter, supported abundantly by friends, family, and a small army of staff… consistently expanding into the glorious abundance of more more and more in every single area of my life.

More money

More clients

More freedom

More time

More love

More sex

More opportunity

More impact

More support

More confidence

More faith

More everything

But it wasn’t always like this. In fact it feels like it was just yesterday I was penny-pinching, putting up with a toxic relationship, burying my head in the sand, and rinsing and repeating the ever loving crap out of my patterns and self-sabotaging behaviours.

I hired every single freaking coach on the planet, did the courses, did the work, took the action, did it all some more, and somehow arrived in a life of WOW.

It was, erm, higgledy-piggledy to say the least. LOL. That’s me being kind. I probably spent more time embodying ‘hot mess’ than I did ‘High Priestess’, but hey, still human AF here.

32 years in, and one hell of a colourful life, I know a LOT.

I’ve navigated several careers, a small empire of entrepreneurial enterprises, near bankruptcy, attempted suicide, multiple narcissistic relationships, a near death experience whilst giving birth, being a single mother, all the sex stories you can imagine, severe bullying, multiple heart-breaks, all the money stories, ‘impossible’ manifestations and ‘unrealistic’ desires, becoming a millionaire and then un-becoming a millionaire, and then back again, hearing voices in my head, mad spiritual awakening and experiences, seeing things that aren’t there, next level self-sabotage, paralysing anxiety, food & eating trauma, pioneering new pathways, leading the unachievable dream, achieving it, teaching it, questioning my sanity… and much more.

Unpacking all of that has been a journey.


A journey I’m now turning into M.O.R.E for you!


Because I KNOW what it’s like to think, feel, believe it’s not possible. Yet here I am. 


If I can do it for me, I can sure as hell unlock the door for you to do it for you.


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Doors close on Tuesday.


Love always,



Posted on

October 31, 2020