Let’s talk radical self love


Radical. Self. Love.

Hippy-centric, feel-good, spiritual hashtag word porn.

Sounds great, in theory. 

Agonisingly painful to actualise. 


Because we are conditioned to be less than, accept less than, and have less than. Ultimately resulting in debilitating self sabotage.

Sickeningly, ‘debilitating self sabotage’, is far more ‘normal’ and frequent than radical self love. 

Which explains EXACTLY why such a small percentage of the world are successful, wealthy, abundant, and genuinely fulfilled in all areas of life. 

We’re talking about the 1%.

Did you know that 1% is actually getting closer to 2%? There’s an increase in healthy, happy, wealthy individuals all over the world. 

And that’s exciting news for us, because it makes the dream even more possible. Because there’s proof. Even our egos can get on board with that right?

You could read a million books, listen to all the podcasts, interview thousands of successful people yourself, or just take my word for it. The difference between where you are now, and where you aspire to be (currently modelled by your idols), is this:

Radical. Self. Love.

I could write an entire book on what that looks like and how to achieve it, but let me start with this:

Radical self love means putting your dreams first

It means not listening to anything that isn’t in alignment with your dreams

It means not settling, and never giving up

It means putting money, time & commitment into your dreams

It means having non-negotiable boundaries around your dreams

It means doing it NOW

It means taking the actions that scare the crap out of you

It means not listening to rational logical reason (even if it’s coming from your loved ones)

It means doing things you’ve never done before

It means taking big leaps

It means believing in the dream above all else

It means fierce commitment to your self

It means listening to your mind, body, heart & soul

Knowing when to push yourself, and when to nourish yourself

It means going a little bit crazy

Actually it means going a lot crazy

Creating an entirely new path for yourself

Refusing to copy anything that takes you away from your authenticity

It means holding yourself accountable 

And getting into environments where your dreams can thrive

It means setting impossible goals

And listening to the whispers of hope 

It means putting stars in your own eyes

And in your own sky

It means expanding your Universe to fit the size of your dreams

It means saying yes to yourself over and over and over again

It means walking away from anything that holds you back

It means getting back up every time you fall down

It means staying humble & grateful

But always honouring your desire for more

It mean defining what your version of Radical Self Love is

^^^ so define it 

Really take some time to figure out what radical self love looks & feels like to you. And invest some time in your dreams. Sit with them. Visualise them. Feel them. Speak them into existence.

And then come tell me all about them.

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There are criteria:

  • You must be earning between $30k and $500k
  • You must have a big dream & the desire to make it happen
  • You must be able to take radical personal responsibility for your past, present  & future
  • This is for men and women

Are you ready?

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Let’s get radical

My love always



Posted on

August 5, 2019