Let’s Talk About Debt


Be honest, has the mere mention of the word “debt” got you all hot and bothered, and not in the good way?


As a society, we’re obsessed with debt, credit scores and most importantly, what they say about our worth.


People literally view a stronger credit score as morally virtuous, the winners of the financial realms, something to be idolised and ultimately achieved by using your credit cards a little as humanly possible and immediately paying them off the moment you do. ?

Credit card companies even straight up tell you to use “ideally less than 50% of your available credit” to keep you desirable to other lenders.


EUGH. Is it just me or does that absolutely reek of patriarchal control?


Where else are we told to reign ourselves in, not be “too much” and to follow the rules in order to stay “desirable”? It’s all just utterly contrived bullshit designed to keep you behaving in a way that serves the system and not your conscious expansion or abundant experience of human life.

Does your bank tell you to only use “ideally only up to 50% of your cash balance”? Of course it doesn’t.


Not to mention the fact that not using your cash balance is impossible, because paying your bills, investing in courses and generally doing all the things you want to do with CASH is morally acceptable.

? Enter Money Consciousness teachings to lovingly and abundantly inform you that credit is exactly the same as cash. Just energy. The currency of Planet Earth. Available for you to leverage for your greatest highest good.


Fuck what the patriarchy says.


The Money Consciousness Method will teach you how to completely overhaul your perception of “debt”, understand what it really is and use it in a way that expands your abundance across all areas of your life. Hold on the side order of guilt, stress, and shame.

I fully expect most of you to use a credit card to invest in this course, you are fully allowed to do that.


Because “debt” is NOT a bad thing, it’s a way to collapse time and have what you want now.


And if what you want now is Money Consciousness, the next time you want to drop a grand on something, you’ll likely have it available in cash, so you’ll have an abundance of choice on which currency of Planet Earth you use to invest in yourself next time, just like these guys…

? “Do you really know how much my life has expanded in less than a week?? I am so grateful…I will never be the same..I am truly and richly blessed.” – Kim

? “Just watched the replay again and wow! I’m continuously blown away every time Harriette shares these downloads with us.” – Emma

? “Harriette,  Thank you for an amazing session. Loved it!!!” – Michael

? “Keep being you H and bringing the passion and universe to the masses. You are absolutely crushing it!” – John

? “Thank You for answering my questions…I feel so good now and energy is different since watching you.. you touched me in so many ways, and especially with the Day 2 looking at debt, credit cards, loans etc. as another form of abundance. I look forward to more classes.. I want to dive deeper because I need my life to change right now today…Thank you Harriette” – Sabrina


Allow yourself to be abundant, set your own rules.


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Love always,




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May 23, 2020