Let’s Clear Up Some Things About The Law of Attraction

I wanted to take a quick minute to clear up some bullshit myths around manifesting

If you’re new to me, or whether you’ve been in my orbit for a while now, it serves us all to have this reminder:

“YOU HAVE A RIGHT AND A RESPONSIBILITY TO ABUNDANCE” – Harriette Hale, The Universal Laws (c) 2018

Here’s the jam:

The Law of Attraction is outdated. To be honest it’s kinda done for. Yes I realise I am going to trigger a LOT of people with that statement. But before you cast me out, hear me out:

The Law of Attraction was downloaded into planetary consciousness hundreds of years ago by God / Universe / Source, whatever the hell you want to call it… basically by some form of energy intelligence.

That energy intelligence (I call it Light), has observed the use of the Law of Attraction and witnessed the following things (as have we all):

  • Some people use the Law of Attraction for ill gain
  • Sometimes the intention behind using the Law of Attraction is selfish
  • There are fundamental flaws in the Law of Attraction that contradict our existence
  • There are huge gaps in Law of Attraction knowledge and implementation
  • LoA denies destiny, life path and soul purpose (i.e. it can lead you down completely the wrong path)
  • Accidental and unintentional manifestations can be born as a result of using the LoA

But before I completely disregard the Law of Attraction, let’s just acknowledge for a second all the immense positives and power it brings to our lives. For example:

  • Good people using the LoA can manifest great things
  • Those who already know their Soul path and purpose can use it fantastically well
  • When we don’t rely solely on the Law of Attraction, we can achieve magnificent things
  • Belief can go a long way to filling in some of those missing pieces
  • The LoA has been huge for shifting the collective consciousness toward a more enlightened state of being
  • In becoming a trend, the LoA has facilitated the open conversations we now have around spirituality and enlightenment
  • This general shift toward more conscious conversation and thinking is pushing the awakening forward in a mega way


I do not teach the Law of Attraction. Nor do I advocate it.

There’s actually a much easier, much faster, far more enlightened way to manifest and ‘awaken’.

It’s called the Law of Co-Creation and it’s one of the 11 Universal Laws. THIS is what I teach, and this is why I have such a ridiculous success rate with my clients on all of my courses and programmes.

THIS is what that energy intelligence has created and downloaded since observing our use of the Law of Attraction. The Universal Laws are like the Law of Attraction 2.0, on steroids, with rocket fuel, and they do way more than help you manifest!

You do NOT manifest using the Law of Attraction, consciously or otherwise. We are all using these new Laws regardless of whether we’re clued up on them or not!

Welding together faith, science, ‘religion’, spirituality, psychology, metaphysics, and magic sets us up for some very powerful shit going down!

As the leading Money Mindset Expert, Spiritual Business & Life Coach, AND Priestess of Light, this is my service to you.

To ACCELERATE you to your goals with tools you never even knew existed!

I see the power in people. It truly is a gift. I see endless possibilities and Soul Prophecy in people they might not ever claim if I didn’t provide that mirror, and guidance and support.

I love love love love my work.

What I can absolutely guarantee you [First Name], if you’re receiving this email, if you’ve somehow manifested my energy in your life, if we are now intrinsically connected on some cosmic level, then you are POWERFUL.

Seriously Powerful.

Powerful in ways I bet you never even imagined.

But stick around, because I intend to bring that Power out of you sooner or later.

Like I said, it’s a gift, and it never lets me down 😉

My love always



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September 11, 2018