Lessons In Leadership From A Baby (this kid seriously knows her stuff)

I want to give you permission

Permission to fully and completely lead your own life

Permission to honour your heart’s desires, your wants and your needs, at all times, no matter what

Permission to listen to your irritations, annoyances, and frustrations, and act in a way that eliminates all negative vibrations in an instant

Permission to do whatever suits you at all times

Permission to let go of obligations that drain you

Permission to let go of schedules that restrict you

Permission to redesign redecide your day-to-day, EVERY day

Permission to make rules for you, break them, and make new ones

Permission to toss out opinions of others that don’t work for you

Permission to be the Leading Lady of your own life (or gentleman)

Ultimately, give yourself permission to take permission every time you need it

This is one of the crucial first elements when stepping in to Divine Leadership, is acceptance, understanding, and the BALLS to give yourself permission over and over and over again

Leaders don’t follow the masses

Leaders light a new path

Leaders create brand new realities

Leaders break the mould

Leaders eliminate boundaries

Leaders design new ways of thinking, being and living

Leaders are controllers of their own command centres

… and leaders can lead from one month old apparently (!!)

This afternoon, my one month old daughter taught me a very valuable lesson in leadership

Actually, ‘taught’ is a very generous word. She basically demanded I step up and lead. For her sake, as well as mine. ?

Since I started back at work 2 weeks ago I’ve been feeling super frustrated by my very regimented schedule which wasn’t allowing any flexibility for poop explosions, baby sick, tears, tantrums, and endless breast feeding marathons.

I was presented with an idea just last night to throw out the schedule completely and coach my clients in a new flow-based reality where we schedule calls relatively last minute at times that work for all involved, instead of trying to plan in advance (which doesn’t work when it comes to babies FYI).

I toyed with the idea, and decided it would probably be best implemented in the new year. New beginnings and all that jazz.

This afternoon, Ostara (my baby girl), had other ideas, and elected to SCREAM for the entire duration of all my scheduled calls, only to then fall asleep for the final 20 minutes.


The new flow-based coaching schedule has been implemented with immediate effect!

And then I remembered the meaning of her name, Ostara… 

Ostara, The Goddess of New Beginnings


Because she’s here to teach me, guide me & heal me

As I’m here to teach you, guide you, and heal you

So let me lead you into your own Divine Leadership

I initiated as the Priestess of Light in October 2017 and since then have been around the world activating Light Consciousness in hundreds of people and delivering my message to thousands across the Globe.

The step into Priestesshood initially scared the crap out of me. It felt crazy insane to embrace such a huge and “out there” title. Who the fuck was I to call myself Priestess?

But that huge scary step is one every true leader must take.

I invested thousands of pounds and hours and hours of time into embracing and establishing my role as a Divine Leader.

One year on I’m being called to lead others on a similar journey.

Are you being called to step into the power it takes to be a Divine Leader?

Are you ready to leave your mark on the world and make crazy insane impact?

Do you desire to embody so much belief, control, and command, that you can rightfully and authentically lead others to their power as well?

Can you give yourself permission to step up to your highest calling?

In the meantime… give yourself permission to do whatever the hell you please. Even if it feels crazy, scary or insane. Follow your heart and Soul.

My love always




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December 4, 2018