LEGACY: It’s time for yours to be born

I have a message for you from another timeline:

Dearest you

I am your great great great grand-daughter. We never met, you passed long before I was even a thought in mums mind, and probably before she was even a thought in grandma’s mind, but I know all about you.

Mum, and grandma talk of you a lot.

The time you were alive.

What you went through. What life was like for you. What was happening on the Planet in those years. 2020 sounds crazy!

They talk about what you stand for, how you showed up, what you created, and what they’ve learned from the stories that have been passed down.

I wish I knew you when you were alive. Mum and grandma say how they do life now is so different because of you, because of who you chose to become, because you decided your desires were bigger than your excuses.

Mum and grandma said you set a new standard for us all to rise to. I think that’s cool.

Mum and grandma say you created a Legacy for our family, and for women all over the world.

I think I’d like to create a Legacy too. I wish you were here to show me how, but Mum says if I write you letters, maybe you’ll guide me.

Mum says you can speak to me through signs, and numbers, and that when I’m older I’ll probably learn to channel like you did, and like her and Grandma too. I think I can do it already. It’s that inner knowing thingy right? Mum says I should listen to it more.

What do you think great great great grandma? Can I have Legacy like you?

Send me a sign!

Love from

Your great great great grand-daughter

>>> The creation of this reality starts here <<<

LEGACY: Because your Soul is ready

My love always