Last night’s sex was incredible


Got your attention? Good.

I mean, it was insane, but I’ll save you the gory details.

Sex sells. Always has. Always will. But I’ve noticed something else is selling like crazy in the current climate… authenticity. 

And I’ve been delivering it in the bucket load recently. From admitting my own jealousy & judgement, to saying all the things that make the Patriarchy turn green. I’ve basically stripped off and shown you the real me. I feel a full frontal naked photo shoot coming on… very soon… I’m in THAT kinda mood.

But, it’s not just me. Next level authenticity is something I’ve been pushing my clients toward inside the Priestess Pods, Mastermind, and even on 1:1 calls, with astounding results.

By forcing themselves to get really uncomfortable and putting things ‘out there’ in a way they never have before, and to live & behave ‘The Priestess Way’, they’re all experiencing expansion. 

More money, more clients, more love, more sex, more freedom, more high vibes, just more of all the good stuff. And it’s incredible to witness!

It’s a form of mastery. Something I intend to teach inside the School of Mastery. 

But if you’ve not yet experienced ‘The Priestess Way’, you’re probably wondering what the hell is this magic she’s talking about?!

Hear it from Robyn… just one month in my world, and here’s what she has to say:

I lacked DESIRE.

Desire to be anything MORE than what I had been.

Desire to love and receive love more than I had been told I could.

Desire to contribute to the greatest highest good like I never imagined I was able to before.

I had been following Harriette for a couple years and always found myself glued to her Instagram. Her notifications were always on and every time she posted a new video or post, I found my mind, body and soul transforming. Slowly embodying the kind of person I always thought I could never be.

It wasn’t long after this that she released her new coaching packages, masterminds and Priestess Pods. It was like she heard my soul calling out for help and answered it with access to her divine magic.

I know you are probably thinking the same thing I thought…


and you are not wrong… she is a major investment.

Deciding to commit to her 1 on 1 coaching package was the most expensive purchase I have ever made.

It was also one of the most impactful and important decisions I have ever made that has changed the trajectory of my life.

So if you are that person, like me, who is telling yourself that you would love to work with Harriette but there is “no way you can afford it” … I want to let you in on a little secret I discovered after getting that bill in the mail…

The price I paid for her coaching HELD ME ACCOUNTABLE to success.

When there was no room for failure in this big leap, I flew.

SO if you have that money somewhere. Whether it be a line of credit, credit cards, savings, something you could sell…. really anywhere.

It is there for a REASON and you have a responsibility to use it.

Is it going to be easy? Heck no. But the best things in our lives never come without a few bumps in the road.

But you owe it to yourself to invest in your future because you DESERVE it.

Just like I did.

Good luck on your journey to service and abundance.

You got this babe!

But, of course, the School of Mastery didn’t even exist when Robyn joined me earlier this year. And results like these for £29 weren’t even on my radar, let alone hers!

Don’t be fooled by the low enrolment for the School of Mastery. £29 doesn’t equate to £29 of value. Hell no. What you’re actually getting is this:

  • Two live coaching sessions with one of my certified coaches, Mia
  • Three Ego & Soul trainings from yours truly
  • A Guest Live Masterclass with Kassi Underwood on mastering Power & Transformation
  • A lesson in transformation with Caroline Britton who will walk you through fear to finding yourself & your biz
  • A guided meditation & meditation tracker to deepen your spiritual practice
  • Crystal guidance to heighten your transformational experience

And more of the same every month for just £29!

Each month in the School of Mastery equips you with a new set of tools to master yet another area of your life and business, whether it’s power & transformation (the current month), authenticity (coming soon), change & expansion (next month), mastering yourSELF (this one is huge… coming in December)…

… the list is endless, but by no means exhausting, and as you begin to master different aspects of your life and business over the coming months, you’ll notice how success starts to seep into every area of your life, until you’re fully anchored in your own authenticity, truth, and power, doing life & business ‘The Priestess Way’, and frankly fucking loving it!

Ready to join the other 66 who are already sat in class? Don’t worry there’s no penalty for rocking up late for class. Doors are open until next week!

>>> Enrol in the School of Mastery <<<

My love always


p.s. the next 44 to sign up will receive a personalised gift from me in the post to say Welcome!


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October 25, 2019