Last day for birthday discount vibes!

The birthday celebrations continue for just a few more hours! As I honour my 33rd trip around the sun I’m offering you guys 33% off 3 of my all time favourite courses… details at the bottom of this email, but first, I promised you yesterday I would share some of the gold you guys flooded my inbox with after yesterday’s heart pouring. 


I created a list of my insights and reflections of the last year, if you missed it, check yesterday’s email from me or catch up on Instagram, and I invited you to share one of your own insights from the last 12 months. You did not disappoint! The collective wisdom and next level consciousness pouring out of you all is honestly one of the best birthday gifts I could ask for! 


So let’s kick the value of experience up a notch… here’s some of your replies…. 


You have helped we discover a whole new world in the last year.

You have taught me the key to OBEYING my SOUL! 
It was one thing for me to listen and hear it but I struggled obeying!

As I looked at the full moon tonight I took deep breaths in and released my breaths intentionally. As this reminded me of you magnifying the importance of the consciousness of breathing to feel the intimacy of the world around us.

You have helped me in the past 2 years grow so much, I love that you’re true, you are yourself and you tell it how it is.
You have helped me realize what I want as a career and I am starting to make it happen.

Thank you Harriette for being you, helping and guiding an amazing conscious community into their light.   THANK YOU

Life is a journey and you get to be the one who decides how it will go for you.  Stepping into selfless service, while aligning and attuning to all 10 energy bodies is nothing short of a miracle.   Connection to source and let your inner guidance support you, guide you and show up unapologetically as you in your YOUness because the world needs YOU. 

One lesson you have made me realize when I took your MCM course is to dream big and “yes” I can have it all.

Expanding my capabilities to hold more and more abundance in ALL areas 

The value of looking at things from a different perspective so I can challenge ingrained and habitual thoughts. 


From the bottom of my Soul, THANK YOU. Thank you for being here, for being conscious, for being open and available to expansion and evolution. YOU are going to change the world. 


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Last day to grab your birthday discount! 

My love always, 

Harriette x