Last chance, doors are closing!

This is it, your final opportunity. Your last chance to say yes. Doors will be closing in a matter of hours and this is my final invitation. 

You won’t get this chance again until Summer 2022, actually, you’ll never get this chance again because the investment will be higher next year. So it really is decision time. 

For all you fence sitters, I see what you’ve been doing, and I see the pain it’s causing you. You’re obsessively weighing up all the pros and cons. Weighing up your desires against what’s “sensible”. You’re making a decision and then unmaking it because you never really made it in the first place, you only had a fleeting moment of confidence before you slipped right back into doubt again. 

This endless debate, this endless conflict, this endless back and forth with no real, heartfelt action and no forward momentum leaves you stagnant and it destroys your Soul. This energy of indecision is exhausting and it creates unbearable anxiety.  

Indecision is a decision in itself, but it’s not a conscious one. It’s not one that expands and creates miracles. It’s one that keeps you rotting in your own stagnant energy, not moving forward, not creating change, experiencing more and more of what you don’t want. It keeps you in a loop between the positive and the negative where you play out a pattern of avoidance over and over again, waiting for someone, somewhere to offer you a guarantee. 

YOUR guarantee is not MINE to give. A guarantee does nothing but transfer the decision to another and absolve you of the responsibility for it, and that’s gonna land you up shit creek. I’ll commit to you 1000% inside the MCM, so will my entire team. But you have to commit to yourself as well, this isn’t a one way street. 

So with just a few hours left to go, I invite you to witness yourself. I invite you to explore the nature of your doubts. I invite you to observe your insecurities and compassionately look at where you’re scared to do, be or say the wrong thing and create the “wrong” outcome. 

And then I want you to place your hand back on your heart, and make a decision. 

Not from your pros and cons list, but from your feeling and your intuition. These are the seat of your power. A decision made from this place can only serve to expand you and create true freedom. A decision from this place allows you to be fully present to the power of choice. 

You always have a choice. It’s my desire for you to make it consciously.

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My love always,