Knock down boulders and make it happen


“I always get what I want” is one of my mantras when embodying The Rich Mentality. So when I see some of you guys denying yourselves what you want, I’m going to appear in your inbox and put a stop to that.


In fact, only moments ago I said to my team “just knock down some boulders and make it happen”. This is what we do at Ask Harriette, we put shit hot pressure on boulders until they turn into diamonds.


So let’s break down YOUR boulders?


To those who think they can’t afford it – I’m going to put this very simply; continue telling yourself that and you will continue to struggle for the rest of your time here on planet Earth. You were not put on this planet to suffer and scrape by, you were put here to experience the abundance that is your birthright. If you’re not experiencing it, that’s either through choice or conditioning.

The Rich Mentality FREES you from ALL conditioned thought. Who’s actually telling you you can’t afford it? Think on that for a second and I bet you’ll realise that’s not your story, give it back to whoever it belongs to and come sign up . We’ve added a 100% money back guarantee – so you literally have two options here, change your life and experience richness every day in every way, or receive a full refund. Boom, boulder into diamond.


To those who say they don’t have time . Honestly, the only thing you don’t have time for is to sit and think about this anymore. I’m closing the doors tomorrow.

Time is an illusion, you have as much or as little of it as you decide. Does that trigger you? Then that’s a huge indication you’re using time as an excuse to stay in your comfort zone. Take it from someone who’s a Mum, a Priestess, planning a wedding and running 6 companies. With The Rich Mentality, you know exactly how to create abundance in EVERY way, including time, so sign up and get your time back. Oooo shiny diamond.


To those who think it won’t work for them because you’ve tried money mindset before, or still don’t think you’ve done enough belief work, or whatever other bullshit excuse you’re telling yourself… again, we’ve backed this up with a guarantee. If it doesn’t work, you get your money back. This isn’t money mindset, it’s not even money consciousness. This is a total embodiment of an energy, a paradigm, a vibration that transforms you into someone who’s calm and relaxed about money, wealthier, happier, able to move through any of life’s traumas with ease and see more cash in the bank. *bling bling*


You don’t need money to access The Rich Mentality, in fact by the end of it you won’t “need” money every again. All that’s required is your choice to see beyond what you think your limitations are.


The doors close tomorrow.


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My love always

Harriette xxx


Posted on

January 22, 2020