Join The Ranks Of World Changers

I’m the Leading Money Mindset Expert in the UK, and I have single-handedly changed the minds and lives of hundreds of people over the years.

But hundreds ain’t cutting it for me.

Thousands won’t even cut it. 

I’m ready to impact millions.

And here’s my jam.


My coaching, teaching, mindset, ethos, morals, business… my entire LIFE, is built on this concept:


This I don’t just believe. I KNOW it to my very core.

I have witnessed and experienced this truth so many times, it is entirely undeniable.

I even have scientific evidence to back it up (as if the spiritual evidence wasn’t enough)

Teaching and sharing this message is my life’s work. 

I transform people from an energy of NOT having… to HAVING.

Having EVERYTHING. Not just money, but true abundance. Material wealth and spiritual wealth. Both are equally important. 

My own personal journey saw me almost a quarter of a million pounds into debt and bouncing back in three years, sailing past zero, and flying all the way to the status of MILLIONAIRESS.

We don’t just do getting out of debt mindset shifts at Ask H HQ (because actually we know debt to be a good thing and know how to make it work for us but that’s another story for another time), we also do multiplying abundance in every area of our lives.

2018 was mega for me. I became a MUMMY. Can I get a huge effin round of applause please because that was honestly the hardest thing I’ve ever done, lol!

But she’s here, and in-between changing shitty nappies, being sicked on, and trying not to gobble her up in all her cuteness… I’m becoming very aware that I don’t have the time or the resources to teach my Money Mindset Coaching Method to all the beautiful souls who deserve to have such profound knowledge and transformation in their lives. 

And that makes me a little deflated. Because I know I’m here to do more.

Actually I know we’re all here to be, do and have more than our current experience. 

So, I’m calling on you.

I’m asking people who are aligned with my energy and my message to step up and become certified Ask Harriette coaches, and become life-changers, world-shakers and change-makers!

Are you ready to level up your current coaching business?

Or perhaps you’re being called to shift direction and become a coach for the first time?

Or maybe you’ve been in a job you hate for too long and you know 2019 is your time to do YOU, and this is the perfect answer to your prayers!

Here’s how it’s going to go down.

We start January 16th.

You will take my Money Mindset System online course (even if you’ve previously done it).

You will then go on to do additional training with me until April 2019, in which time I will take you behind the scenes of my coaching business and teach you how to do what I do.

You will acquire my knowledge and skill set.

You will obtain all of my swipe files, coaching exercises, tools and systems. 

You will be given a structure and framework to work within to coach your clients to epic success. 

You will have access to my Executive Assistant, Ellie, to help you with all the technical side of setting up your coaching business (including getting your website set up if you need this).

You will be licensed to teach my Money Mindset System.

You will be offered the opportunity to work for Ask Harriette Ltd as a certified coach (paid by me).

You will also be able to grow your own coaching business, officially certified and known as an ‘Ask Harriette’ coach – coaching with cutting-edge and spiritually-charged methods for transformation. 

You will have an insanely aligned, powerful and fulfilling coaching business. 

You will see the impact you make in your clients lives.

You will have a full time support network back at Ask Harriette HQ.

You will change your own life, and the lives of all those you reach.

What is this worth to you?

That’s one hell of a plan to walk into 2019 with!

Are you ready?!

Ready to take some serious action and get 2019 sorted before we leave 2018?!

See you on the other side gorgeous

My love always




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January 14, 2019