Jealousy is an evil bitch

My dinner is hot off the stove, lovingly cooked by my fiancé, and I had to down cutlery and get this off my chest, because someone needs to hear this:

Judgement is NOT OK

Jealousy will keep you stuck

Lack of consciousness will ensure you remain asleep

Any form of negativity directed towards another human being is KILLING YOU

And I’m not even being dramatic. Although my Instagram rant created a ripple of giggles amongst my clients who know me well lol! And know me well enough to know that I very rarely get pissed off, but what happened on Instagram tonight needed blasting.

I am sick to death of small minds.

And you know what? It’s not the small minds fault.

They just haven’t witnessed, or had the opportunity to step into, an expansive mindset. A mindset which facilitates abundance.

If you’ve been receiving my emails for a while you probably know what the Money Mindset System is. Heck, you’re probably already enrolled and getting your teeth stuck in to all the goodness.

Whether you’re enrolled or not, I want you to realise this… a mindset which is wired for abundance, is a mindset also wired for consciousness.

It is impossible to be abundant and fire judgement at another.

It is impossible to be abundant and be upset by judgement received from another.

It is impossible to be abundant and suffer any sort of damaging negativity.

Isn’t that cool?

An abundant mindset is so much more than a healthy bank account. 

It’s healthy relationships, healthy personal development, healthy expansion, healthy choices, healthy opportunities, healthy work/life balance, healthy body, mind and soul.

A healthy enlightened inspired confident supported secure and safe version of YOU.

Isn’t that ultimately what we all want?

Love Always

Harriette x

p.s. don’t be a judgy fool, come join the ranks of the conscious and abundant!


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January 17, 2019