It’s Time To Be Who You Are

Dear Soul Sister & Soul Brother

This is your calling to become who you were always meant to be

As a planet we have slept for thousands of years, ignorant to our gifts, our power, our strengths, and our possibilities. 

The time of the Awakening is here and you are being called to expand into your Soul Destiny

You are more than your 9-5 job

You are more than your relationship

You are more than your friends and family

You are more than the number on your bank balance

You are more than your circumstances and your situation

You are more than your goals and ambitions

There exists more than your current reality

There exists more than your monetary aspirations

There exists more than #relationshipgoals

There exists more than social media

There exists MORE.

You are being invited into the magic realms of Soulship and Soulhood, where you become the captain of your own ship, surrounded by a tribe of expansive Souls, all embarking on the same path towards Divine Destiny.

A life beyond what you can currently comprehend.

This morning I was reminded of my own powerful Truth.

I am the Priestess of Light. My power is in my presence.

Reconnecting with all aspects of my Soul through session with my kinesiologist has lifted the veil of fog that existed just yesterday.

There’s something really revealing about remembering who are you, and remembering over and over and over again.

The first remembering is always the most impactful, but every time we remember we expand a little more.

The work I do with my Soul Sisters as Priestess of Light is life altering. 

One of my recent Soul Sister graduates shared this with me:

“I’ve shifted my business from FB Ads Expert to Spiritual Empowerment Coach in the 7 months since I met Harriette. My spiritual development has ascended at a rate I didn’t even think possible. I’ve discovered gifts I never knew I had but can now see they were always there, I just needed the right person to shine light on them. The way I think about money is completely different. My faith and trust in myself has come into alignment with my faith and trust in the Universe. My friendships and relationships have improved because I can see everything from a place of heightened consciousness. Even the way I watch TV has changed – what I would have previously judged now invites conscious curiosity and a genuine interest in what motivates people. To top it off, I manifested a new house!!”

Yes a lot of the work we do is abundance focused, which means increasing your revenue streams, focusing on more aligned businesses and careers, and calling in the cash to support yourself, all in expansive ways. And many sisters join my mastermind for the money aspect (I am the leading Money Mindset Expert & Coach in the UK).

BUT, as much as they come for the money, they stay for the magic!

The Soul Expansion was the hidden gift of the 2018 mastermind, but it’s the aspect I want to make super clear to you Ellie.

When you expand into your Soul truth, and become who you were always meant to be… abundance takes on a whole new meaning.

This is your invitation to expand:

>>> The Soul Sister Mastermind 2019 <<<

My love always




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February 8, 2019