It’s the year of change. Learn to adapt and pivot. Fast.


Anyone else feel like they’ve been on a rollercoaster all year? ??

Up, down, back, forth, round and round, in and out, and generally a little bit all over the shop.

Imagine Mama Universe has the Planet grasped between both her hands and is violently shaking us up and down. 

That’s basically what’s happening here. 

She’s taking the occasional tea break, but for the most part she’s slapping the crap out of us. Literally. 

So all those ‘crap’ moments you’ve had… That’s all that shitty stuff coming to the surface to be released. And every time you’ve embarked on something that hasn’t worked out… that’s her throwing you into a wall trying to bounce you off and back into the direction you were supposed to be headed. 

So battered and bruised might be a fucking understatement right now. 

But she’s not letting up any time soon.

So you better learn to adapt and pivot. FAST.

This is a year of CHANGE. Numerologically, astrologically, energetically, financially, physically, psychically, emotionally, structurally, and consciously speaking… this year is all about CHANGE, and you having your ass kicked. 

The quicker you learn to change, and the faster you’re able to adapt and pivot, the easier it will be for you to get in flow and stay in flow, with minimal bruising, and maximum pleasure. 

I’m a Taurus. I HATE change. But if there’s one thing I’ve had to suck up this year, it is mad crazy change. 

Here’s just a tiny insight into the changes I’ve stomached this year:

  • Abruptly stopping breastfeeding and travelling for work without my (then) 6 month old (heart breaking… if you know you know)
  • Breaking up with the father of my daughter, after a challenging 6 year relationship
  • Falling in love with Stephen (OK this one wasn’t THAT bad ?)
  • Aborting a mastermind launch half way through
  • Hiring and firing nannies to take care of my tiny so I could get back to work
  • Completely restructuring my coaching business
  • Rebranding two of my companies into an entirely new name (after 10 years)
  • Closing two of my other companies down
  • Rebranding myself, and relaunching as the HIGH Priestess (it took a lot to come out of the super-woo-woo-verging-on-bat-shit-crazy closet)
  • Navigating the trauma of discovering a lump in my breast (thankfully I’m all OK)
  • Having multiple eye surgeries (scary AF at the time… now the best decision I ever made)
  • Investing in a super high end coach (the most I’ve ever ever spent on coaching)

And countless more things I’m sure. 

Looking back on these events, I know some of them would have been much smoother and had a far greater outcome if I hadn’t resisted the change so bloody much, but hey, we live and learn. And I do my learning so I can share it with you. This is my service. 

As a human race we are moving very quickly. The energetic shifts of the Planet, the Energetic Intelligence, and our consciousness are causing us all to up level faster than ever before. And this is great, as long as we’re conscious enough to keep up with it! It’s a miss it and you blink kinda month. Opportunities, messages, signs and signal will be EVERYWHERE. But they won’t be repeated…. so don’t be asking Universe for 17 signs of confirmation before you act on something, because she won’t deliver them, and you’ll just get left behind. 

Act now. And learn to act again. And again. And pivot, and twist, and change, and go with the flow, without pausing at procrastination station, or RSVPing to the invites to the pity party for one. Neither will serve you. 

My recent decision to answer the ‘change call’ and abort my mastermind launch, resulted in the most Divinely aligned, and effortless launch I’ve ever had in my business to date. 

It meant listening to myself, to you guys, and to spirit. And here’s what we came up with:

  • We launched the Priestess Pod. Which sold out in THREE DAYS!
  • So we opened a second Priestess Pod.
  • We redesigned the Soul Money Mastermind with a 1:1 element and held the first 1:1 calls today with some epic results! (The official start date is September 18th btw).
  • We reopened slots for 1:1 coaching, and VIP coaching with me.


I haven’t even had time to do my hair today. And I’m married to my fucking hairdresser for fucks sake. I’m not busy though. I’m just completely head over heels obsessed in love with the magic I’m creating with my clients. And frankly, the hair can stay in a top knot. He can do me for date night. My hair I mean. 

The point is this: I CHANGED

I listened. I heard. I answered. And I abandoned a launch in favour of listening to my Soul and the call of the Universe. 

You can do the same. Answer the call. Book in for a chat with me, and let’s hear what’s on your heart. 

>>> Oooh Soul chats and virtual coffee yes please <<<

Can’t wait to see how I can best serve you!

Is it a Priestess Pod, a Soul Money Mastermind position? Or perhaps 1:1 is what’s best for us?

Limited spaces left now. <<< I know every idiot puts this in their sales copy, but I ain’t lying to you. I’m proud to say I’m one of the authentic ones out there. I won’t share anything but the truth. Ever. 

My love always



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September 6, 2019