It’s supposed to tickle!

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➡️ It’s supposed to hurt ⬅️

Wait what?! The subject header said it’s supposed to tickle. Isn’t tickling way more fun than hurting? Well…. Depends how averse you are to being tickled. Some people find it excruciating.

I digress.

I play this game with my daughter. We call it “it’s supposed to tickle”, where I smoosh her little face and neck in a million kisses whilst tickling her and she screams in delight declaring “mummy it tickles”, to which I respond “it’s supposed to tickle” in a silly voice, and she falls about laughing again.

A few seconds will pass and she’ll say “mummy can you do it’s supposed to tickle?” And off we go again! Hence the name of the game…. It’s supposed to tickle.

The absurdity of it smacked me in the face this morning when playing for the millionth time.

She declares “it tickles” and pushes me off her (as part of the game) and yet asks for more, knowing full well it tickles. She KNOWS it’s supposed to tickle. She wants it but she doesn’t want it, all in the same moment. Then she surrenders to the tickle and experiences fully expressed JOY.

Now let’s talk about you and this self-development and growth journey you’re on.

🙄 You KNOW it’s supposed to hurt. If it didn’t everyone would be doing it.

🙄 You KNOW what you’re signing yourself up for, and sometimes you jump in head first, and sometimes you go scurrying back to your comfort zone declaring “oh but it’ll hurt”. 

Yes. It’s supposed to hurt. 

We’re not talking full blown trauma. But we are talking stretching yourself to new levels of uncomfortable and head bashing moments of why / how / when / wtf / “I’m going crazy”.

That’s “normal” as you try to escape the realms of your boring AF life and create something magical that makes others respond with why / how / when / wtf / “she’s crazy”.

But be honest… you WANT to be one of those that people look at and ask “how TF did she do that??”  You know you want that.

But you also have no idea quite how you’d handle that. So you dance at the hands of the tickle monster, pondering your options, teetering on the edge of another leap into the full blown surrender of “not a fucking clue how this is going to end”. 

Sometimes you jump. Sometimes you don’t.

🤦🏻‍♀️ Sometimes you wait until the moment has passed and on reflection realise you should have jumped. Because you have lived proof that you always end up OK. The painful bit is never permanent. It’s only ever momentary. It always passes. And before you know it, you’ll be asking for more as a means to move to your next level.

😬 “More tickles please tickle monster, I’m ready to surrender to momentary excruciation in order to arrive in sheer bliss”

😬 “More pain please Universe, I’m ready to face another layer of the shadow in order to move through into my next level”

Kids KNOW this. You KNOW it too. But the world we live in as adults has convinced you surrendering, leaping, and dancing with monsters is dangerous. And it’s best for you, for us all, if you just fall in line and live the life that’s been mapped out for you. Because that’s safe. It’s known. It’s proven. It’s advised. Christ… it’s even been mandated.

💔 That’s why the majority of people (approx 99%) never experience a life of magic and miracles beyond their wildest dreams.

💔 That’s why most people (approx 90%) never even entertain the idea that life could be different. Those people don’t even dream.

How deflated do you feel just reading that?? Most people don’t even DARE to dream.

But you’re not those people.

You want more.

You’re curious.

🤩 You can see the realm of potential. You look at people like me and it excites the crap out of you because if it’s possible for me, it’s possible for you.

I shared my monster story this week inside The Shift. Hundreds of you have now seen the replay of my mind in that moment where I stood on suicide bridge. You heard it. You felt it. It spoke to you on a deep deep level. Even if your story is completely different … we all know utter despair and desperation.

I leaped.

Not to my death… but into another realm of existence. A journey which hurt and continues to hurt as I exponentially expand (growing pains aren’t pleasant in any reality), but a journey which has landed me here:

💥 a multi-7-figure business empire
💥 happily married with 2 beautiful children
💥 living in my £2,000,000 6-bedroom mansion in one of the most luxurious places to live in the U.K.
💥 driving my dream car collection
💥 changing 100s of lives in just 5 days
💥 having a global impact
💥 making a difference in the world with my work
💥 working only 2-3 hours a day whilst my insane team run the companies
💥 having full time help at home for the childcare, cleaning, laundry, errand running and even all the cooking


Let’s not miss out the most important bit…

Dancing with fear on a daily basis as I strive to lead myself and my clients into next next next next levels.

👑 Consistently working to stretch my emotional capacity for what I can feel, in order to utilise it as the vehicle for moving me further along in my journey.

🤯 Feelings are the gateway. Fear in particular is an accelerator.

But you have to feel and be willing to feel and follow those feelings.

Fear just shows you what you really want. Fear, when fully felt, activates your faith.

If you haven’t caught up on The Shift trainings this week, get to it this weekend. Be prepared to get all in your feels. I delivered thousands of pounds worth of some of my best training this week completely for free.

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Not break you down. Break you THROUGH.

Yes it will probably hurt when you hear what I have to say in response to whatever issue you bring to the calls…. BUT it’ll be necessary and momentary pain that will shift you in an instant.

There are 5 calls next week. You only have to come to 1 to experience the impact (although I’d recommend watching replays to catch everyone else’s questions and my kick-ass responses).

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You have to be willing to feel.

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My love always


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