It’s more possible than you think


2020 has caused some serious eye-popping, eye-rolling moments. Lots of tears, tantrums and wtf moments. The uncertainty and chaos created by the covid-19 lockdown has destroyed more lives, families & opportunities than the virus itself has caused deaths.


So to whoever needs this today…


You’ve lived your whole life not knowing what was around the corner and you still made it here.

You’re more beautiful than you realise, more intelligent than you give yourself credit for, and more powerful than you were last year, last month, even last week.

Every day you grow stronger. Every day you become a more improved version of you.

Even in the crap days, the low moments, and the emotional reactions, you are becoming more you than you have ever been.

The Universe loves you, all of you, the light, the dark, the bright, the wounded, the healed, the unhealed, and all the undefined bits in between.

Because you are the Universe.

You are worthy.

You deserve all that you desire.

You’re manifesting in ways you didn’t even realise.

So what if patience isn’t your strong suit? You’ve got a bunch of others strengths that make you awesome.

So what if money isn’t flowing right now? It will.

So what if you haven’t met the one? It’ll happen.

So what if you haven’t got a fucking clue what to do? You know who to BE.




Your you-ness is your super power.

There’s not a single person on the Planet like you babe.

That makes you amazing, unique, coveted, incredible, needed!

Your unapologetic expression of you-ness is what is needed more than ever right now.

Not your wounds, or your baggage, or your unbalanced reactions (be honest we all have them)… but who you become after those moments.

And those moments always come. It’s how you arrived here.

You’ve been through so much already, over come so much already, learned so much already…


It’s all happening exactly as it’s meant to.

You’re amazing. I believe in you.

My love always


Harriette x


Posted on

June 23, 2020