It’s all going to be OK…

Hello lovely one


I wanted to share a little something from my heart to yours. Words you might need to hear today.


It’s all going to be OK

You are more loved than you realise

Things aren’t always as they may seem

And though times can be tough, there’s always beauty to be found

Bittersweet is still sweet


Hindsight can be a wonderful thing 

Living in the moment also reaps rewards

The Universe has a habit of rearranging the most surprising things

But she’s doing it to deliver what you truly need

Faith is more powerful than fear


Truly there’s nothing to be scared of

You’ve been expertly navigating the waters of the unknown your whole life

Money really is just an energy

Even though sometimes you’d bet your last cent on disproving that statement

Deep inside you know it’s true


We all beat ourselves up

Everyone has down days and sad moments

Frustration, sadness, anger & anxiety are all woven in to the fabric of human experience 

But they don’t have to stay for the after party

Your choice is your sovereignty 


You get to choose again


I write this my darling Ellie because I’m mixing things up a little. A lot in fact, I’m ripping the rulebook to shreds and loving every second.


Just over a year ago I felt called to draw up an ethics code for Ask Harriette. The start of that code reads “people before profit”. Because whilst I’m a literal genius at making money, money isn’t why I do it. Creating an environment where you can change your life by stepping into self leadership is why I do it. 


For the last couple of weeks I’ve been in what we coaches like to call “launch mode” – a period of time in which we sell our wares to change many lives. Quite ridiculous when you think about it 😂


Typically when one is in “launch mode”, I turn into a hyperactive three year old who literally can’t shut up about the ‘thing’, whether it’s a programme, product, package etc etc. Apparently I even refer to myself as ‘one’.

But last week everything in me said “no”, and we implemented a total black out. Ads were switched off, emails stopped sending, my social media went dark.
Strategically speaking, this was insane. BUT – the mind blowing result was something strategy alone could have never predicted or contrived.

There’s enough hype and noise and selling on the internet. You don’t need hype to join me on this journey. You need to feel held, loved, heard, honoured, and served. 


So that little heart-pouring up there is for you. In case you needed to hear it. 

And in case you missed the announcement yesterday, the result of my insanity is a powerful people AND profit “strategy” which opens up so many more possibilities for you and for me.

M.O.R.E 2.0 – 12 mini-courses which you can opt in and out of over 12 months as your own personal energy journey suits you. 

We start with Energy Body 1 in December, you can enroll for £500, and when January and Energy Body 2 roles around, you can either invest a further £500 and continue with the next mini-course, or ride off into the sunset to whatever’s next for you. No contract, no commitment to me, only the commitment to yourself that’s right for YOU.

You can skip Energy Body 2 and come back for 3, you can do the first 2 and then take a hiatus until 7, you can retrospectively purchase the replays of any of the energy bodies at a later date if you decide you want them. But your journey is 100% self led.

Of course, if you DO want to commit to the whole 12 months, you can choose to enter a contract and either pay in full or split the investment across 12 or 18 months and enjoy a financial discount.

>> Which will you choose, decide how your M.O.R.E 2.0 journey looks here <<

Another option, if you’re going to commit to the full 12 months, is The Priestess Pathway Bundle, which includes M.O.R.E, Numerology, The Queendom Collection and the 11 Universal Laws all bundled together at a huge discount.

>> Opt for the whole bundle here <<

My love always