It’s a matter of priorities


Hey Babe,

Today I was invited to be a guest speaker in one of my clients mastermind groups, the Spiritual Entrepreneur led by Caroline Britton. Caroline has been a client of mine for several years and is now training to be a Priestess with me. She knows my coaching style intimately and knew I wouldn’t hold back with her high-level people.

I didn’t disappoint. A message poured through me today that I need to share with you too. 

Your life will never change until you decide to prioritise IT. 

Replace ‘life’ with money, relationships, career, friendships, health, time freedom etc etc etc.

It’s simply a case of priorities, and it’s all connected, by one simple entity: YOU.

Until you learn to prioritise your self-care, self-development, self-worth, self-investment, you won’t grow as a person, and if you don’t grow, nothing changes. 

Change is inevitable. It’s a necessary part of growth. And by the Law of Expansion all things in the Universe are always expanding, including us (I’m speaking energetically here, not waist-lines).

The person in front of me today wanted to change her money story and her money reality. I dug into several possible energetic options as to what was holding her back. The deep shit. And nothing was revealing itself. Until I asked a very simple question:

“What’s your sacred daily practice?”

To which she said “I don’t have one, I don’t have time.”

BULLSHIT. And I exploded into the famous High Priestess deliverance of absolute pure undeniable Source truth.

➡️If you don’t have time for yourself, how do you expect money to have time for you?!

➡️If you won’t commit to a daily simple Source connect to active your consciousness… how on earth do you expect money to flow to you?

➡️If you don’t prioritise you becoming the best version of yourself… how do you imagine your negative money mind will ever change?

Changing your money reality isn’t a shallow skin-deep process. It takes a lot more than you journalling on your money stuff a couple of times a year. It also takes more than just signing up to a course.

It takes commitment. It takes making it a priority. It takes making yourself a priority. 

When I teach Money Consciousness, I don’t tell you to go away and think about what your parents told you about money and then decide that it’s no longer true.

I teach you how money works. I teach you how energy works. I teach you how YOU work. 

And then I insist you make yourself a priority. You have to make yourself a priority if you want YOUR life to change in any way shape or form. Nothing changes until you do. 

When people tell me they can’t afford my courses, or coaching, the same rules apply.

It’s not a case of can’t afford. It’s a case of can’t be bothered, too afraid, or won’t prioritise myself or my Starbucks over my LIFE. Can’t afford it is just a brilliant excuse to get out of showing up to do the damn work. 

When you make the decision to prioritise yourself first, and take the action to back up that decision, consistently… THAT is when the wheels are in motion and your life actually starts to change.

If you can’t prioritise you, don’t expect the Universe to prioritise you either. Your reality (and your financial reality) is a direct reflection of how you show up for yourself. 

I’m closing the doors on the Money Consciousness Crash Course tomorrow. You better get your ass on it if you want to level up your financial reality.

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And if you’re not on the waiting list for the main event launching on Monday, what are you waiting for?! Make yourself a priority! If you don’t, who will?!

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My love always



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May 13, 2020