It Pays To Push The Pain Points

It Pays To Push The Pain Points

This week I’m gearing up for something special, and I want to start with this:

“It Pays To Push The Pain Points” – A mantra that came through to me loud and clear last week whilst laying on my Osteopath’s table. Stripped down to my underwear, in agony, and feeling pretty freaking crappy about my situation.

A man who I was paying obscene amounts of money to show me exactly which parts of my back I’d sprained by digging his fingers in.

He made is point loud and clear.

If I want to get to the fix the problem, I need to identify the pain AND the root cause. No amount of tickle massage is going to fix a sprained back (thank you child of mine growing in my womb… you are forgiven).

It got me thinking.

This approach, though painful, is pretty damn effective for helping us quantum leap from our comfort zones into our miracle zones.

Yes we all prefer the proverbial back massage. It feels good. But it doesn’t fix the sprain.

The theme of this week is ABUNDANCE (well I am the leading Money Mindset Expert in the UK so this is a topic I frequently deep dive on)

What are your pain points when it comes to abundance?

What really hurts about your financial situation?

Which pain points in your abundance (or lack thereof) are you refusing to push because you know it’s going to hurt?

What are you scared to admit?

What are you avoiding when it comes to moving from your Abundance comfort zone to your abundance miracle zone?

If we could fix your ‘abundance issues’… what would a truly abundant life look like for you?

This week I’m going to take you on a journey, perhaps a painful one, where we get real, and raw, about the stuff in the closet.

But by the end of the week… you’ll be thanking me for pushing these pain points.

Trust me, it pays. The Law of Abundance ALWAYS pays.

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August 21, 2018