Is this just for people in business?

A few people have asked – is adding Numerology to your skill set just for people who have a business?

Hell to the no!! This is for EVERYBODY!! 


You saw my email yesterday, right? Yes, I spoke to the coaches out there, but I also mentioned your chart is your literal instruction manual for life. Understanding it will change your life completely, even if just for your own intrigue. 


So, how does this serve you if you don’t have a business? 


Is there a more powerful gift to yourself than being able to understand exactly why you’re here? 

Is there anything more impactful than knowing the precise reason behind everything that’s happened in your life so far and everything that’s waiting to happen? 


Knowing your unique challenges in this life leads to moving through them quickly, easily and with grace and humility rather than fighting against them, disempowering yourself with a “why me” and knocking yourself off course from your destiny. 


Your challenges are there to help you ACHIEVE your destiny, you just forgot that when the patriarchy taught you to live in victim mode. 


Remember your incarnation intentions: 


  1. To have a human physical emotional experience 

  2. To use that experience to raise the vibration of the planet for the highest and greatest good of all 


Your numerology chart is basically a step by step guide on how to fulfill incarnation intention number 2. Struggling to see how you can make a conscious contribution to the world? The answer is here. You don’t have to have a business to make that contribution.


The next time a loved one comes to you with a problem, how cool would it be to whip out a few calculations and offer them the perfect solution? 


The next time you fight with your other half, instead of walking around in a ball of resentment for the next few hours, or days, and making dagger eyes at each other from opposite ends of the couch, how would it feel to know exactly how you’re supposed to both challenge and support each other for you own growth? 


The next time you run into one of life’s great mysteries, or a situation that needs solving and you just can’t see a way through, how would it feel to simply take your life map out of the draw and compare possible routes for speed, scenery and the best possible destination? 


It goes without saying that this skill is EXCEPTIONAL if you’re simply interested in self development and spiritual training. 


It’s also a really cool dinner party trick. Just saying. 

Plus so much more, there are UNLIMITED options for how this can play out as an invaluable skill in your life, take your pick of which, but you need to learn the language. 


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My love always, 

Harriette xxx