Is Motivation A Struggle?

Have you been struggling with motivation lately? Almost every client in every container I’ve spoken to over the last few weeks has been feeling slow, fatigued and generally unmotivated. 

I’ve been feeling it myself. I’ve been wanting to write this for several hours now and I’ve only just summoned the impetus. So I just wanted to remind you there’s nothing wrong with you and reflect to you all the reasons why this might not be a bad thing. 

Because let’s be honest, the super human tendency in this situation is to judge yourself. To make it mean something terrible and find yourself in a spiral of negative narratives and resistance. “I’m just being lazy”. “I won’t hit my income goals this month if I don’t get my shit together”. “What’s the matter with me, why can’t I shake this off”. “Does this mean I’ve lost my passion?” etc etc etc. 

What if it’s ok to rest for longer than the allotted weekly rest period given to humanity by society? 

What if now’s the time to be taking action in other ways, such as learning something new? 

What if it’s an opportunity to access new realms of creativity that require you to be doing something different than your usual daily routines? 

It might just be that it’s inviting you to redefine completely how you understand motivation – are you operating from an assumption that you must be hustling 24/7 and if you’re not then you’re missing the key ingredient to success? The concept of motivation as we know it has been entirely manufactured by the patriarchy in order to ensure we uphold capitalism. As such, we’ve attached our worthiness to how motivated we can keep ourselves. 

If you wish to remove yourself from this system and instead create abundance in ways that serve you and the evolution of humanity then you might want to consider a different meaning for this illusive state of being. 

What if it’s not needed? What if you’re exactly where you need to be right now and everything is working out? What if messages, downloads and ideas are trying to come to you and you’ve been too busy to hear them, so this is nature’s way of making sure you’re available to receive? 
Perhaps an entire restructure, shuffle or shift is trying to come into your awareness and you need to get still so you can vision it. 

Or perhaps you do just need the rest, and that’s ok. 

But whilst we’re judging it, making it wrong and working ourselves up into a whirlwind of frustration we’re missing the gift it’s trying to be. 

All states of being are a gift. They are all an opportunity. You have the power to turn your perspective on the experience into service, like I’m doing now, and in doing so discover a way of taking action that requires nothing more than YOU, as you are. 

So if you’ve been in this demotivated space that so many of us seem to be in, what would you like to make it mean? 

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Love always,