Is Mercury Retrograding?! ???

Honey she retrograding so hard she basically moon walked off a cliff and she’s free falling!

Be honest… who had a total freak out to yesterdays Facebook / Instagram power outage?! 

Can I get a #mercurymademedoit ?! ?

I’m crying with laughter. Honestly. If it wasn’t so inconvenient, it would be bloody hilarious. And when you understand what is REALLY going on.. OMG it’s the best fucking comedy show ever!!

Some people experienced full on rage and many phones were thrown out of windows yesterday.

More people were mildly irritated and took to Google to find out what was going on.

A few people took to spreading cyber attack theories, and issuing panic-inducing advice about what NOT to do with the apps.

And then there were a very small group of us who put our feet up, stuck a hand in the popcorn bucket, and watched the chaos unfold.

I’ve been saying it for months, but I’ll say it again:

This year is going to be REALLY FUCKING BUMPY. You will need to hold on to your knickers.

I predicted it would start in March, and right on cue it did. First with mega energy shifts, solar storms, mass awakenings, and subsequent mass upheaval. Then came Uranus, and now Mercury, and trust me when I tell you this is just the beginning.

If I’m right about what’s to come you are going to need to get conscious as fuck, and fast!

I’ve been right so far. 

This is a 3 year. Spirit is kicking people off the fence HARD.

There will be meltdowns a plenty, on very personal levels, but also on very global levels, and EVERYONE will be affected. Even me.

Just because I understand what is happening doesn’t mean I’m immune. Mercury put the power out in my house this morning. And then refused to let my phone call my handyman. I giggled. Saw 3 payments ping on my phone totalling just over 2 grand, took a deep breath, and looked once more at the fuse box. It was the RCD. Problem solved. 

This babes is what being Light Conscious AF looks like. 

The same shit still happens. But the understanding allows you to rise above it and alchemise the energy to your benefit. So you use the shit storms to work FOR you and not against you. I call it The Knowing.

This is the title of my book: The Knowing.

This is also the mindset and energy space I will be teaching you on my Virtual VIP Day on March 28th.

Putting this here because it’s the question I get most about this day:





On March 28th I am hosting a 6 hour virtual event (on-line) where I will be walking you through:

+ Mad Spiritual Awakening

+ Universal knowledge bombs that will instantly change the way you look at the world, and subsequently your life

+ Money Consciousness hacks so you don’t freak about money (because when that planetary alignment hits later this year it’s hitting HARD)

+ Energy templating so you can be a chameleon in this quickly evolving year (2019 is a year like no other)

+ Energy healing and clearing so you can dump the baggage 

+ Tools to help you ride the waves of 2019

And when I say waves babe, I’m not talking Mediterranean seaside town waves. I’m talking fucking great big tsunami waves. 

If you don’t have a surf board and some serious pro skills, you’re going to drown.

Not saying this to scare you. Saying this to enlighten you. If you haven’t clocked already, 2019 is NOT playing. Universe has stepped up a gear. She’s waking people up by shaking people up.

Do you want to be shaken? Or do you want to be cool as a cucumber riding your surf board whilst eating popcorn and enjoying the show?

I know where I’d rather be! Here:

>>> Virtual VIP DAY <<<

It’s time to level up your knowledge, your mindset, your energy, and your Source connection!

Are you with me?

See you there

Love always



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March 14, 2019