In this week of contemplation…

I hope you had the most wonderful Christmas and you’re still surrounded by your favourite people, eating too much chocolate and watching all the festive movies! (Or you’re recovering in peace if you’ve officially hit your limit on family time!!) 

In this week of stillness between Christmas and the New Year, there’s no doubt lots of contemplation happening. A moment of pause to look back over all the moves you made in 2022, the insane highs, the inevitable lows and the progress that happened as a result. It’s always a surreal feeling when we stop to acknowledge, often noticing things that hadn’t even occurred to us when we were in the midst of all those huge strides! 

Then naturally, your mind starts racing forward to what 2023 may look like for you. What’s your next move? What do you hope to be reflecting on this time next year? What are the goals you’re confident will be achieved and what are the enormous, audacious dreams you wonder might be possible but daren’t yet speak aloud? 

The biggest thing I learned in 2022 which I will be taking forward with me as my constant anchor is to make sure that every day I become more and more true to ME. That I show up in the pure essence of who I am, sharing my authentic perspective and my unique experience. I’ve fallen off my path once or twice this year and I’ve absorbed the projections of others and followed THEIR way of doing it. When in truth, there’s no right way, only YOUR way.
My commitment in my role as a coach is that I will support you in finding YOUR way. I will commit my energy to getting to know you on a Soul level and creating a space to draw out your very essence and co-create your strategy from that place. I’m not selling my way, I’m not selling my success. How it happens for me is almost certainly different to how it happens for you because we are so beautifully unique in every way. But what I am offering is a space to be seen like you’ve never been seen before, in 1-1 mentorship with either myself or Mia, in which you can align your energy, mindset, business practices and strategy to your core essence and integrity to keep building your empire in 2023! 

If a deep relationship with a mentor is what you’re looking for on the next stage of your journey, click here.

My love always,

Harriette x