In Real Life!!

I shared the news on my Instagram Stories yesterday and I’m still choked LOLZ can’t stop crying!

We get to meet and hang out and coach & heal & transform IN PERSON! It’s finally happening!

When I tapped in to the future of Ask Harriette a few nights ago, I asked what was really calling me forth, what does the future hold, what does our collective community desire? The answer exploded my heart in ways I haven’t felt in a long time.

I want to hug you! I want to hold you both emotionally and physically as you enter the alchemical portal of self-development and transformation. I want to look directly in your eyes when I speak to you so you can feel the love I have for you when I deliver the words you need to hear.

Relationships are EVERYTHING for me. I have a huge heart, giving is my “business” love language… but in real life…. quality time and physical touch are my relational love languages. After the years we’ve had, you just can’t beat that in person magic. I can’t believe we once took it for granted. To be in close proximity to people, to make strangers life long friends, to turn virtual client relationships into palpable sisterhood bonds… it chokes me up!! Visualising it make my heart want to explode. THIS is the fullness, the wholeness, the electricity & magic I know so many of us are craving!!

💙 FEMME will be in person – London in April 2023, Los Angeles in May 2023, and New York City in June 2023.

It won’t be an “event”, it won’t be a “masterclass” or “mastermind”, it won’t be a general “meet up”.

FEMME will be a manifestation of magnitudes I can’t even begin to express right now. 

There will be nothing conventional or stereotypical about this moment in time. It will be a memory we’ll all take with us for the rest of our lives. A memory with the magnetics to manifest magnificence!! 

^^^^ This is the power of in-person. Human connection is as old, as ancient, and as sacred as humanity itself. Let that sink in. 

We were never designed to be apart, communicating through electronics & technology. Technology is a wonderful asset that ENHANCES relationships, but it doesn’t provide the fullness, the electricity, or the magic that being together in-person can.

The meeting of two minds, two hearts, two bodies, two Souls.

The power of a sisterhood circle, of collective intention, of hands held, and eyes met, and hearts connected, literally, in chest to chest embraces.

Are you crying too?! 😭😭😭 This is EVERYTHING!

>>> FEMME is staying on pre-sale at £222 until further notice <<<

And for those of you in the UK, or who can fly in to the UK, I’ve weaved together some unforeseeable magic which sets of the water works once more!! (Of course it was unforeseeable, we’re in a 6 year, duh lol!)

💚 The GLASTONBURY retreat September 2022 with myself, Mia, Ebonie & the one and only LISA LISTER!!

Four female power houses to hold you in sacred rest, retreat, healing & breakthrough for four magical days in the heart lands of Glastonbury!

I have rustled up 3 extra bedrooms (!!!) which means there are 3 more spaces (or 4 if you’d prefer to share a room with a girlfriend – who you may or may not have met yet!)

Detaily bits: Monday 19th Sept 2023, arrival around 3/4pm. Thursday 22nd Sept 2023, departure around 11am.

💚 4 days, 3 nights, 4 incredibly powerful women to see straight into your Soul, pull through the magic, and alchemise what doesn’t serve you into liquid gold for your onward journey. I’ll be serving in a dual capacity as both coach (of life, business, money & mindset), and as your Priestess (for readings, channel, psychic transmissions, foresight, insight & healing).

💚 Mia & Ebonie will be your supporting Priestesses and Coaches.

💚 And LISA LISTER (the internationally acclaimed best-selling author and change-maker for female empowerment) will be with us for a whole day of the kind of magic that only Lisa can deliver. If you’re yet to dive into her books, I highly recommend Witch as your starting point. This book changed my life. I then went on to read Code Red, Love Your Lady Landscape, and Presence. I’ve read Witch 4 times, at least, I have multiple copies in my house. This will be the book of initiation into true womanhood I hand my daughter when it’s her time.

Lisa’s gift, her power, her strength, her Soul, her MAGICK is unparalleled. And she’s also the most down to earth “normal” humble human being you’ll ever meet. I’m still pinching myself that she agreed to come retreat with us.


>>> Book your Glastonbury Bedroom here <<<

^^^ Bedroom options:

Bedroom 1: Double room, solo occupancy – please select the £3000 option on the form
Bedroom 2: Twin room, shared occupancy – please select the £2000 option on the form (£2000 per person)
Bedroom 3: Single room, shared occupancy – please select the £2000 option on the form (and then email us to let us know you’d prefer the single room rather than a shared room)

NOTE: Bedroom 2 can also be a King room for solo occupancy, in which case, please select the £3000 option and we’ll update the availability accordingly. 

If in doubt message us! But move fast because there are literally only 3 or 4 spots and they will go fast!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST… in the power of this feminine force magic, I’ve given our in-person 1:1 strategy days & retreats, a serious upgrade!! The LUXE Days now have 3 levels available! Check this out:

The White Package: £2222

💛 In-person (or virtual) full day coaching & strategy planning with Harriette & Mia
💛 Includes lunch & refreshments throughout the day
💛 London or Buckinghamshire

The Gold Package: £3333

🧡 In-person full day coaching, strategy & brand creation day with Harriette, Mia & Chloe
🧡 Lunch, Dinner, Drinks & Refreshments throughout the day
🧡 We will work with you and for you on your business including the creation of copy & branding graphics alongside brainstorming, coaching & strategy creation for your next chapters

The Diamond Package: £5555

💙 Two full days and an overnight stay at a luxury hotel in Buckinghamshire, England.
💙 Lunch, Dinner & Drinks on the first day.
💙 Breakfast & Lunch on the second day.
💙 Spa treatment.
💙 Photo shoot with Chloe. All images and videos are yours to keep.
💙 Hair & Makeup Artist for your shoot.
💙 A brand palette created for you by our in-house team (Chloe) including logos and graphics for your business / upcoming promotions / sales.
💙 Two days of in-person 1:1 coaching, brainstorming, strategy planning, copy & content creation, marketing-material creation, mindset & energy work, with Harriette & Mia.

^^^ Please get in touch to discuss date options first before you book!

Here’s to our fierce feminine magic! May it set the world alight and burn through the shit that doesn’t serve humanity. May we see, may we feel, may we heal, and may we transform. For ourselves, for each other, and for our children. May we rise up together, side by side, in harmony, as ONE… one heart, one womb, one force, one all-seeing-eye… one mission to see the world flipped on it’s head as we know is possible… may we become The ONES… The ONES who our children & grandchildren talk about for generations to come!


My love for you has gone above and beyond! Some how some way we will find each other, and we will heart-to-heart hug. I am here for it. And I can’t bloody wait!!

Harriette xxx