Implementation is going to be difficult without accountability


Me again. Just in case you missed me.

Tuning back into Source this morning and asking for guidance for you guys, and here’s what I’m getting:

  • There’s been a huge energetic shift recently which has caused a lot of our old old old stories, patterns, behaviours and beliefs to come back to the surface to haunt us.
  • These shadow stories don’t really exist, and are not here to bring us down – they’re actually resurfacing to be released. It’s a memory you’re feeling, it’s not happening in the right now.
  • The release isn’t just personal to you the individual, it’s a planetary release, as in it’s time to say buh-bye to your shit on a cosmic level.
  • What you’ve been experiencing isn’t just an upper limit or a standard self-sabotage. This isn’t personal, it’s planetary, caused by the cosmic waves that have been shifting the frequencies on the Planet recently.
  • Your cosmic self is ejecting all that doesn’t serve you. But for that to happen, it’s coming to the surface again. Not so fun. (side note: your cosmic self is bigger and more expansive than your human self, so releasing of old crap on this level is awesome, albeit more painful).
  • In good news we’re all getting an upgrade. Yay!

And so yesterday the dust began to settle


I tuned back in again this morning and the fear is still really fucking powerful ?

I tapped into so many of you and felt the heavy weighty pain of fear in your heart space, and recognised this frequency to be the thing that’s holding you back from moving forward. AND because of the planetary vibrations of the moment, many of you are struggling to articulate or share what you’re feeling right now so you are well and truly stuck.

Which isn’t great for your money, or your businesses right now. You’re not going anywhere fast, and unless something radical happens, you’re going to stay stuck where you are for quite some time. 

So how can I help? I can give you all the advice in the world to implement, but if there’s no accountability, you’re not going to move anywhere. 

Which is why I’ve made accountability such a huge part of the Soul Money Mastermind. 

If you struggle with money & running a business, with no real idea what to do next, what to prioritise, or how to control your monkey mind, I feel for you. I’ve been there.

Those first few years in business can feel agonisingly slow. And trying to learn everything from Google can be time-consuming, Soul-destroying, and head-bashingly confusing.

I see so many entrepreneurs trying to serve everyone without understanding their niche, or their Soul purpose; missing the trick when it comes to high-end packages and signing on new clients; getting their branding completely wrong; and not doing any of the mindset & consciousness work that ultimately needs to be your rock solid foundation.

It’s like trying to build on quick sand. It’s never going to stand!

Ultimately, people give up. Or they end up with a really expensive hobby.

You deserve a business that pays you what you’re worth, makes money on auto-pilot, and has you jumping out of bed every morning excited to do life!

And unless you can afford to hire a kick-ass coach on a 1:1 basis, there wasn’t really another option to get everything you need with speed.

The Soul Money Mastermind is everything I WISH I had access to ten years ago!

And it’s everything you need right now to navigate the changing vibrations of the Universe as we shift into a world in which Soul-based selling and Soul-driven service is ESSENTIAL for creating abundance and expansion in life. 

Your ultimate hack is this:

Service + Strategy + Science + Soul = SUCCESS

These are the four pillars that hold up the Soul Money Mastermind.

There are only 24 spots, and 15 invitations have already been issued. Would you like one of the remaining invitations?

Let’s see if it’s a good fit.

>>> Book in for a virtual coffee date with me here. If it’s not a good fit, I will tell you! <<<

My love always



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August 27, 2019