Imagine Never Running Out Of Words To Say

Hey Gorgeous

Happy Mothers Day to those of you choosing to be present with this day 💞

I had an “urge” earlier to write something special for Mothers Day, just in simple acknowledgement of the power of a mothers love, the pain they endure to bring us into this world, and the thankless task they bear of creating conscious humans.

A few times I’ve wanted to step away from the beautiful day Stephen has created for us 4 (with his blessing of course, I’ve been warning him for days something would want to come through this weekend and he gets it, there’s no issues there), and yet I couldn’t quite figure out exactly WHAT I was going to say, or what exactly was trying to come through me.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this?

Especially as an entrepreneur with a massive heart, we all want to share, and serve, and create radical conscious change in the world. And despite having SO MUCH to say, sometimes the words just don’t come. Or when they do, they sound different on the page to how they did in our head, or in our heart when we FELT what wanted to come through without having the clarity of the actual words.

I have so many clients who have struggled with this over the years, myself included, and I’ve been hesitant to share what I’m about to share now because the way I write my words isn’t the result of a copy course, or a writing class… It’s an energetic translation of my Source Channel. 

I’ll give you an example. I’ll stop writing now and drop into Channel. The next words you read will be direct from Source:

Ah the drop, instantly the eyes become fuzzy and the world around hazes out to a low hum. 

Welcome back ma cheri. 

What does France, or more specifically, Paris, have to do with Mothers Day? The City of Love, non? You humans love to make love about everything other than what it actually is. 

Love is Creation. This is what you have been feeling, wanting to share, and unable to articulate. 

Since the beginning of mankind, artists of all kinds have been trying to capture the infinite abundance of All into a form of expression. 

But Love, love cannot be contained in a form. The very nature of Love is uncontainable, un-formable, unformidable. 

It will be the eternal struggle of the human to understand that which cannot be defined, nor contained, expressed, or even understood.

It can only be felt, just like the feeling you were aware of that wanted to come through today. 

The energy that wanted to be created

Love itself is a feeling that wants to create. 

The Love of a Mother as she creates and births a child. The Love of a Woman as she births and creates herself through this same alchemy. 

The Love of two Souls as they create the bridge between two human beings… a relationship. 

And yet in the human search for Love, & in the human search for creation, what is truly desired is not the relationship with another, but a relationship with the Source. 

Some would call this God, Universe, Divine… (oh humans and your words). When you find your relationship with that which can’t be named, I hope you realise what you were searching for all along, was yourself. 

Well hot damn, and you better believe I heard that whole thing in a French accent 😂

The Channel has afforded me many gifts:

  • never running out of wordsbecause there’s an infinite amount of wisdom waiting to come through at the drop of a hat
  • never running out of things to teachbecause there’s an infinite amount of wisdom waiting to come through at the drop of a hat
  • never being stuck for guidance for myself or othersbecause there’s an infinite amount of wisdom waiting to come through at the drop of a hat
  • never being stuck on a decisionbecause there’s an infinite amount of wisdom waiting to come through at the drop of a hat

You get the picture… what’s possible when you have an infinite amount of wisdom waiting to come through at the drop of a hat?

I am absolutely delighted to be finally teaching how to Channel. It’s time, and we’re ready, to show you the magnitude of this gift.

YES, anyone can learn to Channel. If you have a Soul, then you can Channel. Channeling is a direct connection between Soul and Source (you might say God or Universe).

NO, you can’t accidentally Channel anything “bad or scary”. A true Channel connection is pure. When taught properly with appropriate energetic boundaries there’s nothing to fear.

“The Channel” is a programme I have been inviting people into for some time with very very little information, on the understanding that your first lesson is a lesson in Faith. If you can take the leap into this container with little more information than knowing you will walk away being able to Channel effortlessly, then you will find this class very easy and instantly transformative.

I have however been dropping clues in recent days and weeks.

  • This container is longer than you might imagine for it’s price point (it’s £2222)
  • I have also hinted there’s a 1:1 element
  • We have recently introduced a 12 month payment plan
  • It is more than the spiritual act of Channeling, it is also a business & marketing course
  • If you’re smart you will realise you can monetise this art form with my guidance & assistance, just as I do
  • Channeling is a sacred art, but that doesn’t mean it’s something we can’t earn abundantly from

When I do eventually reveal all, the price point will go up. That could be tomorrow, or next week, but know the training begins in April so the doors will be closing very soon.

Lesson 1: Faith is required. If you can’t leap into the unknown, you’re not ready to Channel.

Lesson 2: Details are irrelevant. There is no room for the ego mind in this work.

Lesson 3: Diamond mines require a little digging, and a lot of trust in the end game.

>>> I’m Ready To Walk With Faith Into My Relationship with The Channel <<<

My love always


p.s. in honour of Mothers Day, I have a 50% off code for Mama Queen. Use code MOTHERSDAY at checkout. Please note the live element of this programme has now ended and all trainings will be available for immediate consumption & implementation. >>> Learn more about Mama Queen here <<<