Imagine if you had this kind of impact on someone



We have one job, all of us together – to dismantle the patriarchy and bring the world back to unity and oneness.


The Aquarian age is well under way, and still too many of us are completely ill equipped to support the world into its ultimate shift.


A shift which requires a completely different skill set to the one you picked up from your traditional education in a patriarchal school. 


completely different type of faith is required . One that doesn’t participate in scarcity, control and scare mongering; the three pillars holding up the old paradigm. The paradigm that stopped serving us 1000’s of years ago.


We grow up believing these pillars, having them drilled into us repeatedly, and eventually accepting that this is just how life is. We’re told by our parents, school teachers, doctors and nurses, and these days even celebrities and social media; passing down the outdated, controlling teachings that have trapped the entire world in suffering.


As a Priestess, I offer a different type of education. A different skill set, a different way of seeing the world. Heck, it’s a different way of ENGAGING with the world and navigating life.


It’s not matriarchy, and it’s not patriarchy. It’s the Aquarian way. 


The goal is not one or the other, the goal is Unity. The Goddesses, Guru’s and Shamans of the Matriarchy transformed into the Doctors, Lawyers and Politicians of the Patriarchy. Teaching one dimensionally, through the filter of their perceived “right way”, caused an imbalance of power, and when the power is out of alignment, we all suffer.


The Priestess teaches multi dimensionally. She teaches from a place and intention of unity and oneness.


But it’s not an intention that can be realised alone. It’s not a job that can be done alone. 


We need more Priestesses. We need more energy leaders.


I want to re-gift you with the tools you were always destined to have, the tools that you’ve been denied. 


Did you know that energy healing, Divine channel and psychic gifts are an innate part of who you are? That if you hadn’t been relegated to books, tests, grades and “the right way” you’d be using all of these tools as naturally as you learned to walk?


Google, celebrity influence, the brainwashing & propaganda of the technological age are not tools to live by they are tools to die by and they were never meant to be used in the way that infiltrates our days with toxicity.


If you look at me and think “I wish I did life the way you do life”Imagine if you had that impact on someone, and could bring even more people into doing life the Priestess way?! The Aquarian way. Then what does the world look like? Imagine a faith based world grounded in love, compassion and unity, instead of one that simply fears God.


The Aquarian age is well underway, and humanity is lagging behind, to our own peril. 


I’m ready to initiate more Priestesses. I’m required to initiate more Priestesses. If you’re feeling the call, please hit reply. I’m waiting to lead you into your Divine presence.

My love always

Harriette x


Posted on

January 28, 2020