Imagine every day was a perfect day


Hey Gorg! Are you ready for your perfect day?

We watched an amazing film last night (About Time starring Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy). Inspo for today’s post:

Imagine if…

Imagine every day was a perfect day
Imagine the stars aligned for you every single day
Imagine every moment was serendipitous
Imagine everything was constantly working out for you
Imagine every step was a perfect step in the perfect direction
Imagine you knew this without doubt

How would you think?
How would you speak?
How would you dress?
How would you show up?
How would you eat?
How would you sleep?
How would you respond?
How would you love?
How would you express?
How would you receive?
How would you contribute?
How would you serve?

The thing is, every day IS a perfect day. It’s always working out for our greatest and highest good. It’s difficult for us to see it in the moment, (part of being human), but all that’s required to remember it’s perfect, is a slight shift in perception.

What will you shift to ensure today is your perfect day? And tomorrow? And the day after?

If you need a little help, try my meditation.

My love always,



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July 13, 2020