I’m Not Happy


Hey Soul Fam

Happy Monday

Today I’m supposed to be closing the doors on my Soul Money Mastermind, and it’s got me in a funk.

I don’t want to close the doors yet. I know in my heart there’s still a few more Souls who are ready for this, but for whatever reason they haven’t been able to read my emails recently, or check out my insta, or give themselves the necessary time to really ask “what is it that I want for my future? what’s the next step for me?”.

Whether you’re considering the Soul Money Mastermind or not, I still want you to ask yourself this question…

What do you want for your future? What is the next step for you?

The Soul Money Mastermind is for the woman who is tired of playing small, ready to expand in new ways, open to being seen and receiving more abundant flow in her business.

Something really unique about working with me, is the way in which I put you in front of my own audience. 

My Instagram is responsible for about 70% of my turnover. That’s HUGE! My audience are Soul-driven go-getters who aren’t scared of self development, investing in themselves, and throwing themselves into the acquisition of MORE… whether it’s more sex, more money, more knowledge, more insight, more help, more freedom, more space, more time, more everything… my peeps live by the Law of Expansion & Abundance.

So whatever it is that you offer in your business, you can pretty much guarantee there’s someone in my tribe who is looking for exactly that. 

And I have absolutely no issue with matching you up with your Soul monadic clients through my own carefully crafted and nurtured audience that I’ve spent years and years building.

  1. Because I don’t believe in competition
  2. And two, because my audience LOVE to hear about new ways they can access MORE for themselves. So they actually WANT to hear from you.

Pretty unique as far as a mastermind coaching programme goes, right?

Not only do I develop completely unique Soul-driven profitable business strategy with you 1:1, I put your straight in front of an audience who are DYING to hear from you and work with you. 

Oh, and there’s also a few casual elements to the mastermind, you know like…

  • The monthly mastermind calls
  • The Soul Money TRIBE of awesome peeps you join, who also share your stuff to their audiences
  • The weekly calls with my team to keep you highly accountable and productive
  • And the in-house tech calls with my team to ensure your websites, softwares and funnels are on their A game (no more tech induced headaches or excuses for you E)
  • Access to the Ask Harriette University for more learning and implementing on your own time
  • The flexi contract meaning you can leave anytime once you’ve got everything you need (after the first 3 months)
  • And options to have sessions with my copy writer and my kinesiologist (two of my absolute non-negotiable support team peeps for ensuring my success)

All of this for just £1111 per month. It’s genius. 

Priestess support is the secret to my clients successes. Because I do things differently. I’m not after your money, I’m after your success, and after 13 years in the game, I’ve nailed the team, the audience, the strategies, the mindset, and the Universe Source connection to ensure you do absolutely get YOUR SUCCESS.

When you work with me, you don’t just hire a coach. You hire a Priestess. Any one can hire a coach. It takes a bad ass to hire a Priestess. It’s also probably the smartest thing you could do this year. 

So with new moon, new start, new intentions in mind, what level of bad assery will you take this Monday to?

Ready to get super clear & laser focused on your business strategy? And put your magic in front of an audience super excited to hear from you?

It means you can’t make up any  more excuses as to why you’re not earning what you want to be earning. That’s the only downside. If you’re happy staying where you are and selling yourself reasons as to why you’re not where you want to be, then you definitely don’t want to be in this mastermind.

But if you’re over excuses, over staying stuck, and ready to step up and actually LET YOURSELF BE SEEN, then you need to be here:

>>> The Soul Money Mastermind <<<

The first call is on Thursday.

See you then!

Love always



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October 1, 2019