I’m bowing out and stepping back (here’s why)

If you’ve been in my energetic orbit for a while now you will have realised that every single month I am bringing new offers to the table:

  • New ways to work with me
  • Brand new online courses
  • New discounts & gifts
  • Free online webinars
  • Sooooo many lives and stories
  • Low priced products
  • High priced services

Basically LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of opportunities to access me and work with me, and get the life changing results that you see my clients raving about all the time

Need to see it to believe it?

Just head to my Instagram and click on the story highlight that says ‘Client Love’, oh and check out this testimonial show reel:

>>> All the amazing things they say after working with me <<<

And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the love my clients show me. They love me because I get life changing results. Every single time.

Apart from one woman. And she’s another story (that honestly I’m dying to share but it might end up going to court so I’ll have to keep my mouth shut for a while).

But one out of hundreds isn’t bad really. Lol. Actually it’s fucking epic.

So here’s the jam.

I’m available a LOT. This has been the way I scaled to 7 figures very quickly in the last two years.

But to scale to 8 figures, I realise things have to change around here. 

Mostly my energy, my availability, and my level of consciousness. 

So, in true Harriette fashion, I’m daring to do what most won’t.Daring to create a new path and fucking lead the way with that Priestess Light I’m always banging on about.

And when I’ve created and forged an even higher level of Light Consciousness and existence, I’ll show you how to do it too.

In the meantime, you will no longer be able to get me every month.

I am no longer opening up enrolment periods for programmes or coaching (watch me make even more money from this new strategy).

I’m bowing out, and stepping back.

If you want me you will have to wait.

I will be opening opportunities to work with me on a very very exclusive basis.

There are only two opportunities left to work with me before I roll out this new plan (and I’m only maintaining these because I’m a woman of my word and won’t take these offerings off the table):

1. Work with me privately as a 1:1 client

2. Join me for one of my already scheduled VIP days

That’s it. No more online courses. No more masterminds. No more exciting mini courses. No great big launches.

Not for a while anyway. You will have to wait. And there will only be 3 opportunities a year to work with me, for 3 very different programmes. You get one shot at each, and THAT’S IT!

So, what you can get before it’s gone, in date order:The Virtual VIP Day – March 28th – teaching you Money Mindset, Light Consciousness, Universal Truth, Spiritual Awakening, and Self Healing – all in one day – ONE TIME ONLY OPPORTUNITY – £272 – there are payment plans and lifetime access to the replay. Click here.

  1. The New York In Person VIP Day – April 24th – all of the above and more, in-person, with options for a full day, half day, or just dinner. Full day mostly sold out now. From £289. Click here.
  2. The Glastonbury In Person VIP Retreat – June 20th – 22nd, residential retreat. All of the above, and more. Spaces limited (because it’s residential). £1111. Click here.
  3. The Mykonos in Person VIP Day & A Half – August 15th – 16th. All of the above but highly exclusive as most of my Soul Sisters will be taking these spots. £1111. Click here.

And if you want to become a 1:1 client, you can hop on a discovery call with me and I’ll let you know if I have space to take you on. I only take on four 1:1 clients at a time.

That’s it guys.

And if you fancied bagging any of my mini-courses before they disappear from my website forever then go fill ya boots! Click on the “Online Courses” drop down menu and grab what you can.

There is an EPIC re-brand coming in the next month or so. 

The HIGH Priestess & Consciousness Coach has landed on Planet Earth. You do NOT want to miss this big unveiling. And you also don’t want to miss any opportunities to work with me, because once it’s gone, it’s gone!

So, get yourself booked in for a discovery call if you’re feeling 1:1 vibes, or register for one (or all) of my VIP days this year. 

Load up on the cheaper Ask Harriette programmes such as theUniversal Laws class , or Energy Alchemy.

And fist bump your Soul because you got it before it disappeared. 

That’s it guys. The old me is gone. 

I am officially exclusive as fuck. And my god does it feel EPIC!

Wanna know how I just sky rocketed to new levels of consciousness where I get to work a couple hours a day whilst still turning over 7 figures? Then you need to register for the VIP day.

>>> OMG You’re Right, I Need This <<<

My love always



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March 22, 2019