I’ll say what no-one else is brave enough to say


Babe, Let me share with you what no one else is saying

It’s OK to not work in December

It’s OK to not put an offer out

It’s OK to let your team handle sales for you

It’s OK to not make any sales at all

It’s OK to give yourself what you need

It’s OK to enjoy the festive season

It’s OK to work & hustle if that’s what you want

It’s OK to keep going if you’re still on a roll

It’s OK to dream up something crazy & exciting and put it out there

It’s OK to change your mind

I’ve seen too much selling from a place of scarcity and lack mentality.

I’ve seen too many ‘shame’ posts geared towards people who aren’t choosing to sell or are perhaps stuck in a negative narrative around “people don’t buy in December”. I think we all know this isn’t true now.

If there’s one thing I know to be inarguably effective when it comes to making consistent cash, it’s aligned authenticity (who you are, why you’re here, and what you’re supposed to be doing), alongside my secret C&C formula.

I’ve been using AA and C&C all year with incredible results, both for myself and my clients. My signature Money Consciousness Method helps too (obviously) but by simplifying the process of client & cash acquisition, business growth, and Soul purpose using the famous Priestess Science, Spirituality & Strategy blend, we’ve achieved a year of what I can only describe as ‘Grace’.

Grace in which I successfully took off most of August and December. Travelled loads, invested heavily in my luxurious lifestyle, grew the team, increased the annual revenue by over 40% whilst working significantly less hours… and managed to meet the love of my life, fall in love, and plan a wedding!

We’ve pretty much declared the old marketing techniques as dead, in fact we even raised a glass to it at our Christmas party two weeks ago. Funny moment.

. We no longer do things the way they used to be done. The Priestess way is officially flawless, not to mention effortless, easy & fun! It’s a breath of fresh air in a world of hustle, scarcity & fear.

This year inside the Priestess Pods and the Soul Money Mastermind, Ask Harriette clients have achieved:

?Their most successful financial months ever

?A whole new way of doing business which lights up their soul (Which has their audience suddenly paying attention, because they feel the high vibes and authenticity)

? Their money mindset is changed forever for the better

? A solid relationship with their intuition and the courage to follow it

? Upgraded their abundant support systems

? Reunited with their soul path and therefore their financial destiny

? Sold out courses and programs without even “launching” (The Priestess way to offer your services is seriously so much fun!)

? Even greater results for their own clients

? Becoming booked solid for the next 6 months

? Doubled their projected income for the first half of next year

? Deeper, more fulfilling connections both with clients and personal relationships

? Simplified business systems to eliminate the “hustle”

? An understanding of both their personal energy and universal energy and how to work with it to support their goals

? A fully mapped out 2020 with the most aligned strategy

? Broken out of self sabotaging cycles

? Learned the art of “The Priestess Pivot”

? Created brand new offerings that deliver their true superpower to the world

? Upgraded their marketing and messaging

It’s OK if this wasn’t you this year. It’s actually OK if it’s not you next year. But I’d like it to be you, wouldn’t you?

Let’s simplify this for you.

If you’re in the super early stages of business… forming the ideas / only just launched / making less than 3k a month then you need the Priestess Pods.

If you’ve already launched your business / got a few clients in / making somewhere between 3k and 8k a month, you need the Soul Money Mastermind.

6-figure and multi 6-figure earners seeking 7 figures for 2020, the Priestess Way… get in touch.

My love always

Harriette xx


Posted on

December 19, 2019