If you were looking for a sign… 11/1



Blank Canvas

Full Moon

Black Hole

Open Nucleus (assuming you did the eclipse work I shared yesterday)

The Perfect Time To FILL YOURSELF with The Rich Mentality

You’ve been cracked wide open

You’re feeling the deepest darkest shadow aspects of yourself

Those stomach-churning thoughts are entering your vessel

The memories

The anxiety

The low vibrations that trap you for longer than you’d like

The fear

The struggle to quiet the mind that dares to challenge your hopes and dreams

The wavering commitment to your positive vibration that seems to hang by a thread, ready to snap at any moment


At this portal moment

You could replace all of that with something that looks like this:

?Perpetual ease

?Deep peace



?Neutrality at worst

?Joy at best

?Free from stress, hustle, anxiety, panic, worry & wondering

?Deep knowing




?True Richness

^^^ The Rich Mentality

The opportunity is calling you NOW

The time is NOW

It’s THAT time

You’re wide open on 1/11

What will you let in?

More of the old?

Or something brand new?

The Rich Mentality perhaps?

Class starts Monday. 

£444 for a 3 week life transforming immersion

Or pay 2 payments of £222

It’s THAT time

?The Planets are speaking to you

?The Moon is speaking to you

?The Universe is speaking to you

?The Priestess is speaking to you

It’s THAT time

Join us

The Rich Mentality is your future

I desire this for you above all things

I desire this existence for you above all the wealth in the world

I desire for you that you can experience life the way I do

I didn’t get to where I am to keep it to myself

I want to share it with you

This was my promise to the Universe when I reincarnated

I’ll bring the true meaning of Abundance back to Planet Earth… I said

I’ll keep talking and teaching until they listen… I said.

I’ll stand up to the haters, and the critics. I’ll take the bullshit. 

I’ll march on regardless. I’ll take a few with me. Then a few more. Then perhaps a few hundred. A few thousand. A few million. 

One day the world will know true abundance. One day we will all think with a Rich Mentality… I said.

So here I am.

Living the life I promised.

You deserve The Rich Mentality. 

Money is not what you think.

Money is who you are.

Let me show you my way.

>>> Enrol in the Rich Mentality <<<

My love always



Posted on

January 11, 2020