If you don’t make a decision, she is going to do it for you

The Universe got a new boss, and she’s kicking some serious spiritual ass!

Last month you may have heard me talking about how 2019 is a 3 year – basically the year in which everyone who is even remotely on the spiritual fence, is being kicked into action and forced to level up in their Soul work, their relationships, their lives, and their businesses.

It’s big girl panties time. If you’re not already experiencing mad Soul expansion, then just you wait, because the way the planets start shifting tomorrow… it’s going to shake up some serious shit for a LOT of people.

You’re not just going to need your big girl pants , you’re going to need to hang on to them! Tight!

Source (Universe / Gods / Angels / Cosmic parent) has been gently coercing humanity into waking up for some time. 

She opened the blinds. Put the radio on. Started cooking breakfast. Laid out the clothes. Heck she even turned the shower on so it’s running nice and hot…

… and some people are still wrapped up in cosy blankets determined to stay fast asleep ?

Dude, if you don’t get in to action, you’re going to get a bucket full of ice cold water on your head. She ain’t playing.

Good cop has long gone. Bad cop is here to play and she means business.

She’s sassy AF and she won’t even think twice before tipping you out of bed butt naked and shoving you in a freezing cold shower (good cop left those taps running a little too long… we’re all outta hot water now).

When I say ‘wake up’, here’s what I mean:

  • It’s time to stop playing small in your business
  • It’s time to stop making up bullshit excuses to not push forward
  • It’s time to stop using ]money as a reason for not going big
  • It’s time to stop playing the blame game
  • It’s time to get out of victim mode
  • It’s time to take control of your destiny
  • It’s time to take some fucking personal responsibility for where you’re at (and she couldn’t give a shit what your current financial status is, whether you’re making peanuts, or big nuts)
  • It’s time to commit to the things you said you were going to commit to, and just get the hell on with it
  • It’s time to get some actual accountability so you don’t get left behind

Because you know what’s going to happen to people who get left behind?!

They getting frost bite in that icy shower and losing fingers and toes like they going out of fashion

She is NOT playing

You’re about to witness one of the biggest economic and business turnarounds of your lifetimes

Mega companies will suddenly crumble into nothing

Huge celebs and politicians will have your eyes popping out of your head

And the network marketing industry… don’t even get me started.

Now I’m no oracle, but I know enough, see enough, feel enough, and sense enough, to know that what is coming this year is BIG.

And I’m not alone.

Those of us who are already woke are working hard, on ourselves, and on our businesses, because we know Soul is taking a huge leap forward into the driving seat. 

This is the year of epic Soul Expansion, so you better get yourself a Soul Support Squad to navigate this, because if you’re not making a splash, you’re just going to get wet watching from the sidelines. And soggy isn’t a good look. 

Fortunately I have a free Facebook group ??

>>> Ask Harriette Soul Support Squad <<<

Basically babe, you need to make a decision.

Are you all in or are you all out? Because half-assery isn’t going to work anymore. If you are even remotely sat on the fence with your decisions, and stuck in “I don’t know” in any aspect of your life, you are going to get tipped out of that comfort zone so hard you’ll get whip lash.

And frost bite.

GET YOURSELF SOME SUPPORT (whether it’s a coach, a mentor, a Facebook group, a bestie who gets it, or a library card even… stop hovering and start moving towards your Soul expansion and your Soul work).

And if you’re after more than free-level support, I just opened two new VIP coaching spots for March (minimum 3 month commitment).

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My love always




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February 28, 2019