If you are loyal to your beliefs they will come back to you


What do you believe?

Are you fully committed to the idea that you can’t afford the MCM? Or perhaps you don’t have the time?

When you are loyal to beliefs like these, they come back to you. Not just for the Money Consciousness Method, but for everything in your life and business. 

If you subscribe to the illusion that you ‘can’t have’, ‘can’t be’, or ‘can’t do’ then you’ll find yourself in a perpetual cycle of disappointment & frustration

Did you know these four secrets about debt that the patriarchy don’t want to share with you?

#1 The notion of consumer credit and credit scoring is a very new ‘creation’ developed only by the patriarchy in a bid to scare and control. It means squat.

#2 Where there is light there is dark. As more lightness appears in the world, the darkness appears in equal measure. So where Universe hands out olive branches of credit, there are individuals, mostly reptilian, who will try to take advantage of the abundant support in order to prevent consciousness. A patriarchy can’t thrive under consciousness.

#3 Your banks actually want you to be in debt. It’s good for them and for the economy. Banks are just businesses in the business of making money. Just like the rest of us. Do you expect your clients to be fearful of using your services because of scare mongering? No. So why should you be fearful of using the banks services. If anything they have the best payment terms on the planet!

#4 Divine debt creation. Debt is Divine!

Understand that debt is a judgemental label of ‘credit’. You are not in debt, you have been given creative license to expand in consciousness. Anxiety around debt is only limiting the creative consciousness which wants to move through you to play & serve the greatest highest good of all humanity.

You can watch my full video training & explanation of this here

Have you been believing something different about debt? Have you been fully committed to that belief?

This is why your financial experience doesn’t match the one that you desire. 

The answer is Money Consciousness. 

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See you on the inside. Let’s change those beliefs!

My love always



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June 10, 2019