If there’s one thing I pride myself on it’s making the impossible possible.


If there’s one thing I pride myself on it’s making the impossible possible.

I do it for all my clients….

💥10k months to 100k months in under 6 months

💥 0 to 6 figures in under a year

💥 Completely eradicating anxiety in 30 days

💥 Wild spontaneous orgasmic sex after years of ‘boring bedroom behaviour’

💥 Establishing Soul Purpose and Destiny after years of not having a clue

💥 Reigniting the Divine Feminine & Masculine powers within

💥 Becoming psychic AF

💥 Building & maintaining a 6 figure business WHILST staying in a full time job

💥 Buying the dream home, meeting the dream man, and landing the dream job

So when you tell me you’re desperate to access these kind of results, but simply can’t invest £1111 an hour, naturally I figure out how to make it possible for you. 

One of my favourite questions to ask my clients is “if I could wave a magic wand, how would we make this happen?”.

They tell me the answer, and we do it.

Now I’ve put that magic wand in the hands of Mia, Ask Harriette’s first ever official in house coach. 

You know me – yes I’m the money queen but more than that I’m in service, and I would never put you in the hands of someone that didn’t both understand and share that commitment.

She’s been trained by me personally, she knows all my methods, all my magic, and she has her own shit hot intuitive gift to boot. 

Not to mention the insane skill set she brings to the table. Coaching with her will…

* Upgrade your mindset
* Eliminate your fears
* Map out your business strategy or career growth plan
* Call you on your bullshit
* Help with your marketing and messaging
* Teach you how to do abundance the Ask Harriette way
* Spot the leaks in your finances so you can plug them
* Heal your relationships (with yourself, with your money, and with the world)
* Break your sabotaging cycles
* Become the best version of yourself

It may not be working directly with me, but she’s literally the next best thing. She will transform you, and it won’t be long before you graduate into my mastermind or VIP package.

But until then, I’m giving you Mia and thousands of pounds worth of 1-1 coaching, at just £88 a session, for both business AND life coaching.

We made it possible for you babe.

You’ll be hard pushed to find anyone else in the world offering this level of knowledge, skills and coaching methods for such a small investment. 

But like me, she is still a human with a limited number of hours in her day. So there are only 20 spaces available, and several have been snatched up already.

Make sure one of the remaining spaces is yours.

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My love always



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October 12, 2019