I sent 33k to my mentor whilst sat at a set of traffic lights 

I sent 33k to my mentor whilst sat at a set of traffic lights

… and it gets to be that easy, that effortless, that exciting and that fun!!

💸 Money is an energy, an energy that NEEDS to flow through the path of least resistance.

💸 We resist money when we put it on a pedestal and make it unobtainable

💸 We resist money when we bemoan it’s absence & “not enough ness”

💸 We resist money when we leave in fear of life without it

💸 We resist money when we make large amounts ridiculous, selfish, or impossible

💸 We resist money when we refuse to spend it

💸 We resist money when we refuse to leverage credit

💸 We resist money in SO MANY WAYS, I’ve created a course about overcoming those resistances.

It’s called the Money Consciousness Method and it’s a LIFE CHANGER

The “MCM” as we call it for short is in it’s 4th year now and we’re adding on a 7th module

But more than that, this year, I’m actually going through the content WITH YOU guys, in our own dedicated telegram group (way vibier than Facebook, if you know you know), and updating smaller pieces as we go through, as well as providing an entirely new module.

I’m doing this for a few reasons:

  1. LOT has changed and evolved in Money Consciousness in the last 4 years so it’s important I keep you guys updated with all the energetic changes, and with all the business & strategy evolutions too
  2. because I live and breathe this work as my TRUTH, and nothing is more powerful for me than doing my own homework and taking my own medicine

🤑 Money Consciousness is how I wired 33k to my mentor without even batting an eyelid whilst sat at traffic lights

🤑 Money Consciousness is how I’m personally paying for mine & Stephen’s wedding, to the sweet tune of 100k, and not stressing about how much we’re spending on flowers or fireworks because I know and trust money gets to be unlimited

🤑 Money Consciousness is how I repeatedly get to enjoy the finer things in life that I personally really enjoy, like fine wines, michelin star restaurants, first class travel, top tier suites at 5 star hotels, and designer clothing

🤑 Money Consciousness is how I BUY my choices and freedom in life. Everything has a price. Money Consciousness makes those choices effortless

🤑 Money Consciousness is how I continue to invest in myself, invest in my companies, and continually quantum leap

🤑 Money Consciousness is how I generated over 28k cash in just a few days from a birthday sale (most people bought the £34 offer… which tells you how many sales were made in a 48 hour period)

🤑 Money Consciousness is how I do life and business

We open the doors once a year. The time is now. The result is Money Consciousness.

>>> The first step is to enrol <<<

😎 Imagine one day you’ll be able to throw multiple 5 figures around without breaking a sweat.

😎 Imagine one day you’ll live in absolute trust that as it flies out, even more flies back in.

😎 Imagine one day you’ll be fully unsubscribed from the scarcity narratives that plague your mind.

Imagine one day you’ll be fully Money Conscious. 

>>> It gets to be this easy <<<

My love always

p.s. if you want to learn to SELL like I do… i.e. generating 28k cash from no-brainer £34 offers (amongst other things), you definitely need to jump into Sales Queen too. (Insider tip: multiple containers is a game changer… it’s not overwhelm like you might think… it simply collapses time. It does when you work with me anyway!!)