I probably shouldn’t have done this… (part 1 of 2)

Last week saw the rise of the keyboard warriors against the Priestess of Light

The Priestess won. I won. Actually you won too.

Here’s what went down:

  • I have a video advert on Facebook talking about how Money IS Energy and that we all have access to an infinite supply of money, energy and abundance

This obviously triggers the crap out of a lot of people. Probably not you. If you’ve got as far as reading my emails you probably know a lot more than most about how money works.

>>> Watch the video here <<<

At last check this video had over 88,000 views. Pretty impressive right?

The most impressive part about this video, in my opinion, is its ability to drag the haters out of the wood work. Well you know what they say about fame… no such thing as bad press. 

I’m the leading Money Mindset Expert in the UK. It’s time I get comfortable with people resisting what I’m saying. Except this one hater took it too far with her final comment:

(you can read the whole comment exchange on my Instagram post)

In hindsight I probably should have left well alone and not responded at all. That’s certainly what the old me used to do. But Priestess me, the me that changes hundreds of lives with my work… that me is done with letting the keyboard warriors get away with their abuse.

Thing is, I’m not even remotely offended by any of these comments. But if Annie and the rest of the keyboard warriors are hating on my posts, how many other people’s posts are they hating on? And how much damage are they causing?

Two years ago I launched my Money Mindset System Online Course for the first time, and since then the course has evolved to teach so much more than money. I help people enter a whole new perspective and way of looking at life. When my people get Light Conscious as fuck, the money part is just an added bonus. Because of course abundance follows alignment. It’s an ancient truth which pre-dates any form of physical money. 

The image above is the final comment made on that particular thread before Annie turned off commenting so I couldn’t respond. But if I could, here’s what I’d be saying to her, and all the other Annie’s out there:

Annie Ferrara I thought we did too but you keep responding after I thank you for your time and dialogue. I’m confused. It’s my job to respond to you! Im sure you have other things you’d rather be doing don’t you? To clarify your judgements … no I’m not hormonal or pregnant. Yes I like crystals. Yes I’m a Priestess of Light. No I’m not new age. No I’m not a witch. I am however an advocate of an empowered mindset, the metaphysical evidence which backs up my energy & money teachings, and the idea that being a decent human being creates more abundance than keyboard warrior antics ever will! More than happy to leave you alone. I didn’t start a conversation on your Facebook profile… you came to mine? No one is forcing you to stay here. Despite your negativity, judgements, and assassinations of me, I send you all the Love and Light. I believe you need it more than most xxx

In hindsight this exchange took a lot out of me, energetically speaking. This back and forth took place for most of the duration of my flight to Florida last week (I was there hosting a VIP Spiritual Money Mindset Day).

Truth be told, she’s not ready for the level of energy I’m holding. She’s not ready to receive the abundant truths I speak. And she’s certainly not ready to change her mindset, upgrade her consciousness, and step into a new abundant reality.

Honestly, I think all of that stuff is more suited to you!

I have a surprise announcement in just a few hours, and I want you to be one of the first to receive it.

Stay tuned for another email coming soon!

My love always



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January 30, 2019