I got it wrong. Big lessons I want to share.

We aren’t here to be right. We are here to lead. And sometimes that means we have to get it wrong. And to admit our mistakes with integrity and vulnerability.

Before I go any further, I’d like to give credit to two incredible Souls who have helped me navigate the rawness of what I’m about to share with the utmost grace and compassion:

Simon Taffler – my homeopath, family doctor, and therapist

Rachael Te Wano – my healer, fellow Sister Oracle, and teacher

This is the email I probably should have written at the start of the year, but instead of drawing eyes to “me”, I diverted your attention to world events, psychic predictions, and invitations to step up as leaders yourselves.

I have no idea where to begin, so I’ll just start.

I’m pregnant!! ??

Stephen and I are expecting a baby boy in July 2021. We officially announced the news to friends and family on Tuesday this week, and truth be told I was bursting to share with all of you since we got the positive test back in November, but we wanted to wait until we had the green light from my Ob/Gyn, and knew the sex, to share publicly.

The ladies in my inner most circle, my Priestesses, knew straight away, and I know many of you in my coaching groups pretty much guessed. But for those of you who were wondering why I was so ill in November and December, and why we kept having to push calls… morning sickness is a bitch!! Thankfully it seems to have mostly passed now as I’m coming up to my second trimester. This pregnancy is VERY different to my first. In more ways than one.

With Ostara, I heard her on my Spirit Team years before I even conceived. She guided me through some huge changes in my life, and was even the one to encourage me to get off the pill and birth her, even though it seemed like total insanity at the time (I was in a brutally abusive & volatile relationship). She told me her name, her conception date, her birth date, even what she’d look like and her personality traits.

The pregnancy was a breeze, I even embarked on a 6 week world tour the day after finding out I was pregnant. No morning sickness, no tiredness, no anxiety. Dreamy. Until the end… when she got too big for me and it was sheer agony, including a 5 day labour and a forceps delivery. But hey… she’s worth it!

This baby however… never saw him coming. Total shock to the system. We weren’t really even trying. When we found out I had a devastating response. It took me a long time to get used to the idea, and the morning sickness made the whole experience just that bit more tainted.

I was utterly convinced our next child would be a girl… I knew her name, I knew her dates, I’ve heard her voice… and this pregnancy was way too soon (date wise), and wasn’t speaking to me. 

I felt like I’d done something “wrong”, like my gift had failed me. I felt violated, punished, worthless. Yes, I was unnecessarily hard on myself, but I’m the Oracle… my predictions are always spot on. How could I have got this so wrong?!

Over the following weeks I started to come round to the idea that perhaps my little girl had just decided she needed to come in sooner, and I was still absolutely convinced I was carrying a girl. For 11 weeks I referred to her as “she” and refused to entertain the idea I might be carrying a boy. I couldn’t see myself with boys, I’m not prepared for boys, truthfully I didn’t WANT a boy. I’m a Priestess… so I birth and raise mini-Priestesses. That’s my job.

Tuesdays phone call came, and I held my breath with excited anticipation to hear the words “you’re having a girl”… this would be confirmation that not all was lost and I’d be able to redeem myself with the sure fire KNOWING that I was carrying a girl. 

Wrong again. 

“You’re having a boy”. 

Stephen jumped so high I swear he hit the ceiling. He’s overjoyed.

I crumpled into a sobbing heap of WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. It’s all gone wrong. I’ve lost my gift. I’m being punished. I’ve been a bad person and now it’s catching up with me.

Stephen would have had me doing an IG story right there and then, but for the first time in my life, I said no to plastering myself all over social media. Told him I needed time to come to terms with it.

Enter Simon and Rachael. Thank christ for conscious containers and the leaders I surround myself with. 

As is the case with all children, my son is GIFT. A bigger one than I knew I needed. 

For years I’ve preached conscious surrender and letting go, but truthfully I’ve never fully done it.

I’ve relied too heavily on my psychic gift, my business savvy, and my psychology chops. I’m a genius when it comes to cultivating an abundant mindset in myself and others. My sales skills are smart, authentic, and Soul-led. I really understand humans and what makes us tick so I know how to push all the right buttons to get what I want. And I ALWAYS get what I want. So why would I need to “fully surrender”? I’ve been in control for years!

Admittedly in my early days of business (late teens / early twenties), some of my methods were questionable. I walked and talked patriarchal hustle-marketing, long before I woke up, and realised abundance can be created in flow.

Those early days of doing business the masculine way, dishonouring myself, coupled with 10 years of being in abusive relationships, further dishonouring myself, led me to operate from a protection and control mechanism routed in the wounded masculine. 

? My shadow IS the wounded masculine. 

So here comes my baby boy to heal that, to teach me, and to give me the opportunity to birth both within myself, and into the world, the Divine Masculine. 

*lump in throat*

? The first lesson in embodying the Divine Masculine: Understanding and accepting with Grace when you’ve got something wrong.

And of course it stands to reason, that as one of the world leaders in all things Divine Feminine, that my time would come to balance and match that energy with an equally powerful embodiment of the Divine Masculine. 

I’ve been prattling on about Unity and Oneness in the Aquarian Age for 8 years… but my talk is no longer talk. It’s a walk. Hello 2021.

For those of you in my world, expect to see MY next level. For those of you joining me this year, expect to see YOUR next level. Because if there’s one thing you all know for sure from me, this work we do… is not a ME vibe, it’s a WE vibe!! I might still be working on my shit, but I’m doing it for the benefit of all of us, and for our future generations. As a family, we grow together.

? So here’s the “very loose” plan for Ask H this year (we say loose because we’re surrendering even more ?)

? January: Invitations & Enrolments into SourceMind™ – the hybrid business mastermind and priestess training (hello Divine Masculine / Feminine balance!!)

? February: Numerology 2.0 Live Calls Begin (thank you for your patience on getting these scheduled)

? March: M.O.R.E. Graduation (will be sad for this container to end, it’s been a total dream!!)

? April: Power Pods New Intake (for newbie entrepreneurs)

? May: The Money Consciousness Method comes BACK… bigger and better than ever!! (I feel money & consciousness are the most important things to master this year given the landscape)

? June: More Money Consciousness Vibes

? July: Have a baby – SourceMinders go into 3 months of high level implementation and accountability as my team become your team

? August: Probably bored of maternity leave by this point and being told to fuck off by my team who are loving life without me, whilst messaging my Sourceminders daily much to the alarm of everyone around me who can’t understand why I can’t stop ?

? September: Power Pods New Intake (for newbie entrepreneurs)

? October – December: Fuck knows!! But if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s ease, grace and flow vibes are the only vibes worth bothering with!

? January 2022: SourceMind graduates and The Priestess Ring opens for those who want to complete Priestess Initiation (SourceMinders get a 20k coupon towards the Ring if they want to continue).

Things that we will keep open all year round:

The Universal Laws – the foundation of all Ask H teachings, coachings, and ethics. We recommend everyone has a copy of this if nothing else.

The Pocket Priestess – which will be continually updated with new audios, so you’ve always got my wisdom in your back pocket.

School of Mastery – which is about to get a massive overhaul and a hefty price increase, because we’ve realised it’s over £2000 worth of value every single month for just £29 and the energetics are WAY out.

If you’re already a member paying £29, you will never pay more whilst your membership is active, but we are going to restructure the content so it’s more streamlined as it can be very overwhelming in there, and we’re going to introduce different levels of support, so you can choose what you need.

1:1 coaching with both me and Mia – we will both be available all year for existing and new 1:1 clients, just please get in touch to schedule.

Tech support & copy support – again, available all year, just head to the website to book or drop us an email to chat.

So, my loves, to a new level of leadership, learning, understanding, growing, healing, sharing, and contributing to our collective consciousness abundantly, to make this world a better place. Because I’ll be damned if I leave before my work here is done.

Come mastermind with me, in a Divinely Masculine AND Feminine way, as both a Priestess AND an entrepreneur. We’re ready for you. Website with all the deets coming this week, but until then, please feel free to book in call with me here, or if you prefer to chat to Mia, book in with her here.

My love always

Harriette ?

p.s. we don’t have a name for baby boy yet… it’s very strange not knowing his name as I know all my girls names (yes I suspect there will be more children to follow), so don’t ask me!! When I know you’ll know ?


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January 7, 2021