I found myself again… here’s how you can too


Hey babe

Happy Monday!

Many of you witnessed the hate and attacks I received and handled in the last few weeks via email and social media. Over the weekend it all became too much, and in the words of one of my fellow Priestesses, I was “looking a bit battered and bruised”. My energy was whacked.

So, I leaned on my people, as we do when we’re being delivered a great big universal assignment to level us up… and next level Harriette birthed with some pretty epic new boundaries, and a new consciousness container.

Side note: A consciousness container is a schedule, set of boundaries, list of desires, and modalities through which one serves.

High Priestess of Light & the world’s leading Consciousness Coach, Harriette, now serves in the following way:

  • Through The Priestess Ring
  • Through The School of Mastery
  • Through my teaching programmes which include: The Rich Mentality, Priestess Numerology, the Money Consciousness Method, The 11 Universal Laws, and Desire Decide Done Money Manifesting Bootcamp
  • Through the Ask Harriette Merchandise online store

I am currently not available for 1:1 coaching, or group coaching (previously known as the Priestess Pods), or masterminding (previously known as the Soul Money Mastermind).

I am however available as a guest teacher, coach & Priestess for other people’s courses, programmes & offerings, and as a speaker and healer both in person (post-corona), and via podcasts and social media live streams.

The rest of my time is being dedicated to writing my book, and serving people through my charity, the Priestess Collective.

Haters, and keyboard warriors will no longer be responded to , via email, or social media, and any comments which don’t serve the greatest highest good in the public domain will be deleted without acknowledgement.

I work four days a week (Mon, Weds, Thurs, Fri from 9am to 6pm), and take 10 weeks of the year off completely.

My health (physical, mental, spiritual), my family, and my Soul family (you guys) are my absolute priorities.

My Soul Purpose and mission is to bring the true meaning of abundance back to Planet Earth. NOTHING will divert me from this mission.

I will continue to awaken, teach, heal, ‘lead’, guide, witness, mirror, trigger, and serve. I do this unapologetically and without the need for validation.

This is me. This is my future. And the world I am creating is an exact mirror of who I am, where I stand, and how I serve.

Now, I hope this serves as inspiration for you to find your declaration of Soulful service, claim your mission, state your boundaries, and honour your Soul desires. 

Hit reply, comment below, let’s do this.

And if you’re not yet in the School of Mastery… that’s definitely the place you’re going to figure out who you are, what you want, and how to get the hell on with it!

>>> Doors close on Wednesday! <<<

My love always



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April 20, 2020