I cleanse myself of all that does not serve me



So the saga continues…

I’ve seen many many entrepreneurs online saying “I’m just going to continue as if it’s not happening, I’m not going to give it my attention, I’m going to continue with my usual launches”, and whilst I absolutely applaud this courage and commitment to staying conscious, and not caving to fear, the reality is, we’re all feeling the fear. Even me. And I want to let you know it’s OK. 

To be completely fearless 100% of the time is inhuman. Remember, one of the primary reasons we exist in the first place is to have a human physical and emotional experience (ref. the Incarnation Intentions from the 11 Universal Laws). So, no matter how enlightened you are, how much you’re committing to not letting the fear in, it will appear occasionally… for all of us.

Given that we are all washing our hands extensively at the minute, take those 20 seconds as an opportunity, not to sing Happy Birthday (honestly our British government make me cringe sometimes… how very British of us!!), but to mantra in a prayer and a higher frequency out loud:

“I cleanse myself of all that does not serve me, I cleanse myself of all that does not serve me” … as many times as is necessary until the anxiety subsides and your hands are thoroughly cleansed 🙂

I have a meeting with my team later this morning where we will be discussing what more we can do to support you here at Ask H HQ in the midst of this global pandemic.

Many of my clients are putting together online meditations, free fear workshops, and our Executive Priestess Pod have put something absolutely spectacular together which you’ll be hearing about imminently… also free!

Until tomorrow… cleanse yourself of all that does not serve you!

My love always



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March 18, 2020