“I can’t get behind spending that much on a course”


Hey Love,


Had a great conversation with a new client this morning… can you relate to this…?


“I’ve been thinking about signing up to MCM for a few days but I just can’t quite get behind spending that amount of money on a course when I know I’ve got big things I need to be spending money on soon. I know that goes against your teachings though…”


“It’s not that it goes against my teachings, it’s just that I know that mindset doesn’t serve anyone which is why I work so damn hard to change it in people. This is also why I include long payment plans to make it super affordable to get started. I literally lived in that fear of making big investments in “silly things” like self-development instead of “sensible things” like my future for years, until I realised I was my best bet.

I’m my own greatest & most secure investment. My mind and my energy dictate everything. So I started investing in me like crazy, and I still do, and the proof is in the pudding. But I can totally relate because I was in that headspace for years. How many courses were too many? How much self investment was too much? But there are no limits! Limiting anything in our mind is what creates a limited reality.”

I got passionate. I spoke from my heart.



“This is great. I feel like a few months ago I wouldn’t be considering it. Seriously doing the Priestess Collective, then joining the School of Mastery made me open to it and opportunities seem to be popping up everywhere and I’m finding it weird and wonderful.”


“Haha that’s the Priestess magic”


“You know what, the fact that I’ve been thinking about it for days makes me think I should just do it. It’s mine forever, right?”


“Absolutely. And all the upgrades I add every year are also yours forever. And you get to come back and to the live classes every year for free.”


“Aight. Let’s do it!! Arghhhh!”


And, well, she’s in… and her life is about to be changed forever. Those big expenses she knows she has coming up will be payments made with ease, grace and flow, without fear, without limits, and without scarcity, because within weeks, she’ll have embodied true Money Consciousness. And THAT is life-changing!

(for the critics and the cynics… go check out my Instagram for screenshots of this conversation… just for proof… because I know some people need that, and that’s OK).

The countdown is on! You have less than 48 hours until we close the doors!


Are you going to wait and watch everyone else change their lives with the MCM? Or are you going to be one of the game-changers?

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May 30, 2020