I can’t do this anymore

I don’t wish to be morbid, but sometimes doing all this ‘light work’ and living my beautiful abundant life (as many of us do), causes me to forget the severity of the darkness that consumes planet Earth.

From grief, and extreme poverty, to animal cruelty, devastating overuse of plastics, extinction of species, loan sharks, murder, pedophilia, cyber bulling. self harm, suicide, manipulation of media, questionable government policies, theft, deceit, anger, depression, and blame… so much blame…

It’s very easy for me to sit here in my 5* hotel despairing at my jet lag and little trip to the ER (if you don’t follow my insta stories this won’t make much sense, apologies). But there’s something about travelling on my own for 6 weeks which has shifted my mindset in a quite unexpected way.

So much time on my own has invited me to look more closely at issues I’ve never previously paid much attention to.

Issues which frankly I don’t feel qualified or educated enough to speak about.

But these are all topics which need to come to light, don’t you agree?

Now whilst I would never profess to have the answer to any of these globally devastating issues, my increased consciousness of these problems gives a whole new weight to the work I already do.

For years I’ve classified myself as an ‘entrepreneur’. Owner of six companies, ten years in business, self made millionaire, blah blah blah.

Three years ago I introduced myself as a business coach.

Almost two years ago I re-branded as a money mindset coach.

Quite recently I was recognised as the leading money mindset coach in the UK.

Honestly, so bloody what?!

Then toward the end of last year I initiated as Priestess of Light, without fully knowing what that meant, and what was required of me in this new role.

I guess it’s a fancy title for a Lightworker. And hey, if I can’t be a Princess, I’ll take Priestess!

Anyway… to be a light worker is to a shine a light on the shadows.

To be a Priestess of Light is to maintain a presence of Light at all times. A light so bright it is continually burning through darkness and leading the way for a new consciousness.

And I suppose that was my true intention for embarking on my ‘The Light Tour’.

Only, I’m half way in (to the tour that is)… and whilst I might have ignited the Light in a handful of you, and inspired you to join me on this journey, I’m no where close to lighting up all those morbid issues I mention above.

Not. Even. Close.

There’s not enough of us doing this work.

I can’t do it on my own.

It’s an impossible task.

It’s an overwhelming task.

And I’m not qualified to shine Light on so many of these areas.

But you are.

Tell me, what causes are you passionate about? If money was no object, what impact would you choose to make on the world? What legacy would you leave behind?

I know my legacy is to be an activator of Light. To bring Light Consciousness to all those incredible human beings who will go on to change the world in incredible beautiful life altering ways.

That’s you guys. That’s you.

You’re destined for so much more than what you’re currently experiencing.

I want to read about you in the paper, I want to hear your name on the news, I want to see you in my Facebook feed celebrating all the incredible success you’ve made, and positive change you’ve created. I want to see you happy, abundant, fulfilled, deserving of all the joy and love you were born to receive. And trust me, you really were born to receive. You have a right and a responsibility to Abundance.

And I so desperately want to gift you with all of this.

Because i can’t stand to be in a world so dark, so morbid, so full of hate and blame.

I don’t know if it’s the jet lag, or the solar storms happening right now, but I am crying, sobbing, despairing at the pain so many experience and the hands of the shadows.

In moments like this I feel helpless. And I know you’ve felt it too.

But this is why we must begin to collaborate, and co-create, instead of competing and controlling.

This is why I want to give you your Light Consciousness.

You are the reason I invested over £20,000 (almost $£40,000) in this Light Tour. Because, frankly you deserve it. You deserve a chance. And so does humanity.

And the impact I’m making might only be tiny in the grand scheme of things, but the impact we can make together is colossal. It’s vibration altering. We can create a whole new world. Together.

Join me on The Light Tour.

I beg you. Yes I will beg. Because I can’t’ bear to do this alone any longer. I need more Lightworkers at my side. I need more conscious caring people to join me. I need to create a better world in any way I can because my soul is literally bursting out of my body to break free from the chains of the last 3000 years.

Do you hear the call?

Is it worth 4 hours of your time and $97?!

I hear your Soul screaming YES!

>>> Meet Me. Let’s Do This Together <<<

Whatever you do, whoever you are, whether you identify as a ‘light worker’ or not is irrelevant. If you have a longing for a better world, one in which you consciously contributed too then say Yes!

>>> Activate My Light. I’m Ready <<<

I better be seeing you soon!

Love always

Harriette x


Posted on

March 24, 2018